Plushiverse Gift Ideas For Teen Friends

By 4/29/2024 12:43:00 PM ,

Need a gift for your bestie or one of the group friends? Join the Plushiverse with TeeTurtle reverse plushies, plushie tote bags, fanny packs, and more.

Plushiverse makes a great, lighthearted, and affordable gift for graduations, the end of school, and just because. Plushiverse launched new assortment of adorable and alluring critters.

The new 2024 collection illustrates the many moods we all share. Collect them, share them with your bestie, and elevate your emotions. These accessories are a way to express and connect with your feelings.

Plushiverse new releases include:

Plushie Fanny Packs

Plushiverse Magical Kitsune Fanny Pack
Plushiverse White Stag Fanny Pack

Plushie Tote Bags:

Plushiverse Fearsome Jackalope Plushie Tote Bag
Plushiverse Enchanting Kitsune Plushie Tote Bag
Plushiverse Elusive Nessie Plushie Tote Bag

Mystery Box/Blind Box:

Plushiverse Myths and Cryptids Reversible Plushie Mystery Box

Plushmate Besties:

Plushiverse Happy Hippocampus Plushmates Besties
Plushiverse Jackalope & Moon Rabbit Plushmates Besties
Plushiverse Yeti & Bigfoot Plushmates Besties

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