Sphero STEM Summer Camps & Resources

By 4/29/2024 02:20:00 PM

As summer approaches, Sphero has available engaging educational resources tailored for STEM summer camps and other programs.

Sphero STEM summer camps and resources

These resources are designed to make STEM learning engaging and fun for young minds.

With Sphero indi, BOLT, RVR+, and littleBits, students can engage in various hands-on activities that promote creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

From introducing early learners to robotics with Sphero indi to fostering inventiveness and innovation with littleBits, Sphero's tools offer endless possibilities for summer learning.

  • Summer Camp Guides offer tailored solutions for different age groups, from PK–2 with Sphero indi to elementary-aged learners with littleBits. Plus, waterproof Sphero BOLT and versatile RVR+ are perfect companions for summer adventures in STEAM.

  • Our After School Guide showcases how Sphero robots and littleBits kits can seamlessly integrate STEM learning into after-school programs, extending the learning day and providing students with valuable experiences in computer science and engineering.

  • Funding for STEM Summer Camps & After School Programs is available through ESSER funding, allowing you to address learning loss and provide enriching student experiences.

Learn more, visit - www.sphero.com/pages/stem-summer-camps

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