SteelSeries White Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headsets

By 4/29/2024 10:01:00 AM

SteelSeries, the original esports brand that fuses gaming and culture, introduces an all-new white version of the award-winning Arctis Nova Pro series headsets.

SteelSeries White Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headsets

The Arctis Nova Pro series raised the bar for a new level of excellence in high-fidelity audio, AI-powered voice clarity, and all-day comfort with sleek Danish design aesthetics that seamlessly transfer between an array of gaming platforms.

The Arctis Nova Pro Series

White Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (Xbox) – $349.99
White Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (PlayStation) – $349.99
SteelSeries Sonar Audio Suite – Free Download at:

Arctis Nova Pro state-of-the-art features

Block the white noise with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). The advanced 4-mic hybrid system removes outside sounds, while mics inside the earcups balance the audio for optimal clarity. For taking in surroundings, Transparency Mode is just a button press away with adjustable hear-through levels to suit each situation.

A first in gaming, the Multi-System Connect hub allows for USB switching between multiple devices at the same time. Gamers can seamlessly swap between a PC, PlayStation, Switch, or mobile device with the press of a button, and without having to swap cables.

Multi-tasking is mandatory. The Nova Pro Wireless offers players Simultaneous Game & Mobile Audio, so they play and communicate all ways with Quantum 2.0 Wireless. Gamers can mix two audio connections at the same time, engaging with friends over the phone while gaming on a PC or console. The powerful 2.4GHz wireless is perfect for earning that in-game hot streak while using Bluetooth for calls, Discord, music, or podcasts.

For those marathon gaming sessions, SteelSeries was the first brand to create a multi-battery solution. The Infinity Power System provides unlimited battery life and always keeps players in the action with a dual-battery system. Low battery? No problem. With two hot-swappable batteries, gamers can simply reload and keep going for up to 22 hours per battery and charge the first battery while the second battery is in play.

Because communication is key in gaming, the new AI-POWERED Noise Cancelling Microphone gives players crystal clear comms, while the Sonar Audio Suite silences all the background noise distractions from keyboards, computer fans, and much more. The ClearCast Gen2 mic gives players a true advantage through the same bidirectional microphone design used by Formula 1 crews for crystal clear, natural sound with flawless noise cancellation.

Comfort is key. The ComfortMAX System is designed to accommodate any size or shaped head, offering 4-points of adjustment. The system includes height-adjustable, rotating ear cups, a flexible tension band, pivoting hangers, and a premium PVD-coated steel band that ensures long-term durability.

Total control at the player’s fingertips. The Wireless Base Station acts as a command center across platforms and features adjustments for EQ, input device, volume, ChatMix, and much more on the fly, while never having to leave the game. The device remembers personal settings and a multi-function OLED display keeps users informed of battery life and other functions.

For the ultimate sound experience on PlayStation or Xbox, players can select game audio EQ profiles that have been designed by a mix of pros, audio engineers, and game developers for popular games like Call of Duty: MWII, Destiny 2, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, and more.

To power the Arctis Nova franchise, SteelSeries developed the Sonar Audio Software Suite, the first pro-grade parametric EQ designed for gamers. Specifically designed to turbocharge any headset for gaming and provide a limitless ability to control sound across games, team chat, and the microphone, Sonar allows gamers to adjust every individual frequency and hear the sounds that matter the most.

The Arctis Nova Pro Series is available at select retailers around the world.

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