3 Ideas for Chic Minimalist Baby Rooms

By 1/20/2023 09:33:00 AM

Gone are the days of colorful and gender specific baby products. Today’s parents are looking for a minimalist and chic decor for their children’s spaces.

3 Ideas for Wunderkids Chic Minimalist Baby Rooms

Here are 3 trends for nursery rooms

Gender-Neutral Minimalism.

Earthy tones, soft colors, and minimalist chic baby decor items have been trending on social media and Pinterest, and Wunderkids believe this trend will continue. For example, they’ve seen a huge demand for Sand-Color Foldable Playmats, ($275) from new parents who prefer subtle and clean color lines in their homes.

Focus on Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and Non-Toxic Materials.

Although non-toxic children’s items have always been around, the options have been limited to organic cotton or rug-like materials for playmats, which do not provide the right support for crawling infants and cannot be cleaned easily. Wunderkids ultra-soft, Silicon-Coated Vegan Leather Playmat ($275) is perfect for young babies because they have 9 layers of inner foam for just the right firmness, is water-resistant and also machine washable.

Timeless items that can also integrate as regular home decor

With consumer demand for sustainability and reducing waste, modern parents prefer to have items that can serve not only as a baby product but also be used multifunctionally. As such, Wunderkids customers rave about their FDA-compliant Eco Color Folder mats ($315) because they are the thickest (1.5”) and largest (94x55”) on the market, which a whole family can enjoy as a home gym/fitness mat.

Wunderkids is the only supplier of patented silicon-coated vegan leather playmats and Perfectly Fitting Playpens ($365). Unlike most baby items, Wunderkids products are made in South Korea in a LOHAS (certified eco-friendly) facility and pre-steamed 3 times before packaging.

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