How The Hoglet Mouse Helps Kids Focus

By 1/11/2023 02:49:00 PM

Looking for a fun way to help your child focus when on the computer? The Hoglet by HedgeHog Health is a fidget gadget and computer mouse that understands kids’ sensory needs, while helping them focus and be productive.

How The Hoglet Computer Mouse Helps Kids Focus

Provides the physical stimulation many kids need.

Traditional computer pointing devices such as trackpads, keyboards, and traditional mice are cold, hard, and lifeless. The Hoglet is different.

Soft, cuddly, and friendly it provides a comforting bridge between the familiar physical world and the virtual world of the computer screen.

Improves focus at school, home, or even work.

It’s tough to get kids to focus. With its friendly shape, feel and look, the Hoglet makes a real difference for children with learning differences like autism spectrum disorder and ADHD.

It also helps kids who are anxious or struggle with online learning or tasks.

Designed to help parents, too.

In addition to improving your child’s focus and willingness to do computer work, the Hoglet is made of easy-to-clean BLANK materials. It’s exceptionally durable and can withstand years of loving use. And it takes a standard D-cell battery.

The Hoglet is (SRP: $39.99) and available on Amazon.

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