Easing Kids Fears with Wild Republic Plush & Face Masks

By 10/01/2020 07:23:00 PM

As the world navigates the pandemic and childhood anxiety rates soar, Wild Republic is committed to providing children with the quality plush, nature-related products and now animal themed face masks that promote a sense of calm and comfort.

As children return to online based learning or hybrid schedules, Wild Republic has introduced a wide selection of comforting plush and breathable face masks, including:

  • Wild Smiles, fun face coverings made specifically for young children, featuring comfortable cotton ear loops, breathability, and fun designs.
  • Screen Grabbers are the perfect pals, which provide an animal friend that decorates a computer screen and covers the camera as needed during on-line class. Screen Grabbers can also dust your screen with a fun twist. Choose from the six designs available this fall with more coming in the spring to add to the collection.
  • Pillowkins, considered “the next teddy bear,” are fun, brightly designed pieces that combine a pillow with a plush animal to create the perfect go anywhere friend. With twelve styles available, there is one for every child.
  • The new Mask Buddies allows children to practice wearing a mask with their favorite plush animal friends. The line features several animals with two fun designed masks: one for your plush friend and a matching one for the child.

Wild Republic is also continuing its effort to give back through the corporate social responsibility initiative, Promise to the People.

Promise to the People initiative is an extension of Wild Republic’s Promise to the Planet, a corporate responsibility program that launched in 2018. The new initiative was developed in response to the growing need to provide healthcare workers with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) due to the pandemic.

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