Peekaboo Organic Ice Cream: Vegan & Vegetables Flavors

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Peekaboo Organics has debuted flavors, Cookie Dough and Unicorn Birthday Cake, both made with hidden zucchini, along with its first vegan flavors, Mango sorbet with hidden squash and Strawberry sorbet with hidden tomato.

Peekaboo, which is certified organic and includes at least one serving of hidden vegetables in every container, is committed to making delicious, indulgent ice cream with the added benefits of vitamins and minerals.

With the introduction of newest flavors, including vegan options, Peekaboo expands its range as well as its retailers, including a limited-time release at Target stores in Florida and California.


  • Cookie Dough with hidden zucchini: Zucchini and hearty chunks of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough blended into delicious vanilla ice cream. A good source of calcium, Vitamin A, Riboflavin and Phosphorus. Available in pint sizes, 14 fl oz.
  • Unicorn Birthday Cake with hidden zucchini: Sneak in mineral-rich zucchini with this ice cream, a good source of Calcium, Vitamin A, Riboflavin and Phosphorus. Available in pint sizes, 14 fl oz.
  • Strawberry Sorbet with hidden tomato: We mixed tomatoes, a super source of antioxidants and fiber, into our velvety strawberry sorbet, dairy-free and an excellent source of Vitamin C. Available in mini sizes, 3.6 fl oz.
  • Mango Sorbet with hidden squash: This mango sorbet includes a cup full of pumpkin squash. Technically a fruit, it’s high in fiber and beta carotene, adding a health kick to creamy (and non-dairy) recipe. This dairy free sorbet is an excellent source of Vitamin C and a good source of Vitamin A. Available in mini sizes, 3.6 fl oz.

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  1. I'd like to try this delicious and healthier version of ice cream.

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  6. I would love to win this. Talk about a healthy treat without guilt and perfect for my kids. Patricia E

  7. I love ice cream and haven't heard of this one so would love to try it

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