Ailey Extension's Kids & Teens Online Dance Series

By 10/07/2020 10:18:00 AM

Earlier this year, we were invited to join a live class during Ailey Extension's Sunday Dance Series.

Ailey Extension's Kids and Teens Online Dance Series
photo credit: Hip-Hop 4 Kids. Photo by Kyle Froman

Note: I received free classes for the purpose of the review. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

I was scheduled for something else, so I sent a guest writer and her two children in my place. They had such an amazing time.

Anjanette (the mom) took the Lastics® Stretch Technique class, while her daughters Chakori (7) took Hip Hop Moves and Cynara (13) took Beginner Teen Hip Hop.

Anjanette described their experience as

"Both classes were great. They showed them all the choreography first and then put the music on so they can do the whole team together. The instructors were patient and repeated the steps if necessary until they got it right.

I enjoyed the Lastics Stretch Technique class, the instructed talked us through each step and I learned a lot. We would definitely take the classes again."

After hearing about Anjanette and her daughters experience, I was looking forward to going with my son. But then the pandemic happened.

While we can't attend a live dance class now, we can join in online! Would you like to take a Ailey Extension class?

Ailey Extension's Kids & Teens Online Series

Ailey Extension has launched Ailey Extension Online, reinventing the way they reach students.
Open to children of all genders and experience levels, Ailey Extension’s Kids & Teens Online Series is designed to help children keep moving and learn the healthy habit of exercising at an early age.

Session I: September 15- October 25
Session II: November 1 – December 13

This 6-week virtual session offers movement classes for children as young as 3 years old; hip-hop, ballet, and Horton classes for school-age kids; as well as ballet and hip-hop classes for teenagers. No prior dance experience is required.

Instructors help students practice the fundamentals of each technique while developing coordination and having fun!

The Fall/Winter 2020 Kids & Teens Online Series schedule is as follows:

Classes for Kids (Ages 3-9)

  • Creative Movement with Jessica Whalen (Ages 3-4) | Sundays, 9am-9:45amEDT 
  • Intro to Hip-Hop with Erin Finley (Ages 5-7) | Sundays, 9am-9:45amEDT 
  • Intro to Ballet with Therese Wendler (Ages 5-6) |Sundays, 10am-10:45amEDT 
  • Hip-Hop 4 Kids with Keith Alexander (Ages 8-9) | Sundays, 10am-10:45amEDT 
  • Ballet for Kids with Therese Wendler (Ages 7-9) | Sundays, 11am-11:45amEDT

Junior Classes (Ages 10-12)

  • Junior Ballet with Linda Celeste Sims | Saturdays, 12pm-1pmEDT
  • Junior Horton Technique with Karen Arceneaux | Saturdays, 1:30pm-2:30pmEDT
  • Junior Hip-Hop with Keith Alexander | Sundays, 11am-11:45amEDT
  • Extended Junior Ballet with Dawn Hillen | Tuesday & Thursdays, 4:30pm -5:30pmEDT

Classes for Teens (Ages 13-17)

  • Teen Ballet with Linda Celeste Sims | Sundays, 12pm-1pmEDT 
  • Teen Hip-Hop with Keith Alexander | Sundays, 1pm-2pmEDT

These virtual classes have been enjoyed by over 21,000 people of all ages from over 70 countries, magnifying Ailey Extension’s mission to make dance accessible to all people in a welcoming, non-competitive environment.

For more information and to register, visit

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