Netatmo Healthy Home Coach Monitors Air Quality

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This month Netatmo, the French smart home company, hosted an event with lifestyle expert Limor Suss for the launch of the Healthy Home Coach device.

Note: I was invited as media to the event and received a product sample. However any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

The event focus was how to keep homes healthy for you and your family by using the Healthy Home Coach, the innovative new indoor environmental information monitoring system.

Healthy Home Coach tracks and records indoor environmental elements –air quality, humidity, temperature and noise – and offers advice to improve indoor climate and keep things comfortable.

The device collects personalized data from your environment and provides actionable customized suggestions based on the season, the time of the day, the measurements or your user profiles. Then you decide when to adjust the humidifier, make a room heated or cooled properly, or that the sound in a child’s bedroom isn’t too loud for healthy sleep.

Using the App, any user can access the home’s indoor climate conditions from any location. With several Healthy Home Coach devices in the house, users can monitor the environment of all rooms on a single App.

Compatibility with Apple HomeKit, means you can also ask Siri how healthy your home is. You can also customize scenarios to connect a Healthy Home Coach with other smart devices according to different combinations. For example, windows open when the indoor air pollution is too high, or turning off the heat when the temperature becomes too warm.

The Healthy Home Coach retails for $99.99 and is compatible with iPhones featuring iOS 9 and above, and Android smartphones 4.2 and above. Purchase at Walmart, Best Buy, BabiesRUs, and Amazon.

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