Interviewing Cast of 'Stuck in the Middle' Series

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During my trip to L.A. I was able to attend a screening of STUCK IN THE MIDDLE series plus join a Q&A with the cast.

Disney's Channel Stuck in the Middle Cast Interview

Note: Disney and ABC TV invited me on this all expense paid trip to Los Angeles for the Moana Event and ABC TV Event. While I will share different events and activities during the trip, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

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The cast Q&A included: Jenna Ortega (“Harley Diaz”), Ronni Hawk (“Rachel Diaz”), Isaak Presley (“Ethan Diaz”), Ariana Greenblatt (“Daphne Diaz”), Kayla Maisonet (“Georgie Diaz”), Malachi Barton (“Beast Diaz”), Nicholas Bechtel (“Lewie Diaz”), Cerina Vincent (“Suzy Diaz”) and Joe Nieves (“Tom Diaz”)

Disney Channel Stuck in the Middle Cast Interview

The whole cast was so fun to interview and shared lots about being a "family" on set.

When asked what's the chemistry like onset, the cast shared

Ariana Greenblatt: Family, just straight up family. Off the set we hang out at dinners. And we really love each other.

Nicholas Bechtel: Siblings.

Jenna Ortega: We see each other Monday through Fridays so it’s like we’re always together. It’s like they’re my second family.

Joe Nieves: And that happened right from day one. It was immediate and fantastic.

Isaak Presley: I know for Malachi and I, we’re only children. So walking into this as only children, we’re walking into this big family. It was actually like adopting a family.

Malachi Barton: Just like Isaak and I, what he was saying is that like in real life, we don’t have any siblings. So it’s like interesting but it’s really, really fun to have siblings onset, so.

Cerina Vincent: I will say that, I’m not a mother in real life. I always wanted seven kids. And it was a weird childhood thing, like you know a fantasy sequence like all of us. And I have them all but in a different form. It’s really cool. We’re bonded.

Isaak Presley: What’s great is that because we’re like a real family we have everything which really helps brings the onset chemistry. I mean we have the bickering, the jokes and the emotional moments together that really helps bring that to the screen. You know if everything was happy and joyful 24/7, I feel like it’d be very phony. But because we experience all the emotions that kids do it really helps onscreen.

Disney Channel Stuck in the Middle Cast Interview

When asked what kind of influence they have on storylines, the cast shared

Cerina Vincent: I think the writers are really good.

Nicholas Bechtel: They’re really spot on. But when you really think that there needs to be something to make it more believable, they’re really open to your ideas. And if they think about it and it’s good and they liked it, then they’ll put it in. Then it makes it more believable than it already was. So they’re really open and they actually care about our opinions when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Jenna Ortega: For me, it’s like there’s nothing that I guess add on really. I have told him some stuff and they’ve been incorporating it, which is good.

Malachi Barton: The writers, they’re just like, what Nick said, they’re open to anything. And they’re just amazing how they know if someone walks up and is, hey, I have an idea for this kind of line. And then they’ll be like, oh yeah, that’s a great idea. And I honestly feel like they will. I love when they give me stunts and stuff because I play baseball and basketball so I love doing crazy stuff like swinging on ropes, swimming, doing all that kind of stuff.

Kayla Maisonet: They make it very hip which is good you know for like an older audience too.

When asked what stuck in the middle means to them in one word, each replied

Joe Nieves: It’s simple, it’s special.

Cerina Vincent: Gratitude.

Ronni Hawk: It’s joy.

Kayla Maisonet: A gift.

Isaak Presley: Indescribable.

Jenna Ortega: Relatable.

Nicholas Bechtel: Mine’s exciting.

Ariana Greenblatt: Everything.

Malachi Barton: I think amazing.

And that's a great word to describe both the STUCK IN THE MIDDLE series and the cast. They have an amazing series that so many families enjoy!

"Stuck in the Middle" short-form series debuted on the Disney Channel App and aired on The Disney Channel.

Jenna Ortega stars as inventive tween Harley Diaz, the middle child in a bustling household of nine, in the engaging, single-camera comedy series “Stuck in the Middle.”

Told from Harley’s point of view, the slice of life stories find humor in everyday life as this middle child devises creative ways to cope with – and stand out – in her family’s busy suburban Massachusetts household. The Diaz parents, Suzy and Tom, also have six other kids: Rachel the self-involved eldest; Georgie, a basketball-playing teen; Ethan, Harley’s closest ally; invincible and indestructible twins Lewie and “Beast”; and the strong-willed youngest sibling, Daphne.

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