Vulcan Salute Sandwich Inspired Star Trek: Prodigy

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Here's a fun recipe for Vulcan salute sandwiches inspired by Star Trek: Prodigy: Season 1, Episodes 11-20, which is now available on DVD! Live Long and Prosper!

Download the recipe -

Prepare for epic adventures throughout the cosmos in the all-new Star Trek: Prodigy: Season 1, Episodes 11-20 Blu-ray ($26.99 ), DVD ($17.99) and Digital $19.99 (HD) and $14.99 (SD).

Dive deeper into each episode with over 45 minutes of brand-new bonus content featuring exclusive interviews and collectible character cards only available in the Blu-ray and DVD release.

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In the remaining Star Trek: Prodigy Season One episodes, as the hopeful crew makes their way toward Starfleet, their dreams are threatened when they discover the U.S.S. Protostar harbors a weapon designed to tear the United Federation of Planets apart.

To make matters worse, the U.S.S. Dauntless is on a manhunt for the Protostar as the real Vice Admiral Janeway is eager to uncover what happened to her missing former First Officer Chakotay. With these two ships on a collision course and destruction on the horizon, the fate of the Alpha Quadrant hangs in the balance.

This 2-disc set includes 3 new in-depth featurettes with more than 45 minutes of content revealing how Star Trek heritage shapes Prodigy’s characters, story and settings.

Star Trek: Prodigy: S1 V2 Episodes:

The Odyssey of Prodigy - A review of the second half of the season with the director, producers and cast

Producing Prodigy: The Planets - Creating the different worlds of Prodigy and how the design, music, writing and show elements come together to create environments essential to the story.

Producing Prodigy: The Ships - Evolution of ship design in Star Trek and how its rich heritage influences the design of the U.S.S. Protostar and the Borg ship

4 Collectible Character Cards – Limited Time Only! - Featuring: Murf, Jankom-Pog, Zero & Drednok along with highlights about the U.S.S. Protostar and The Borg and definitions of Universal Translator and the Neutral Zone.

Join an extraordinary crew of outliers as they uncover secrets, encountering wonders and challenges beyond imagination and so much more!

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