Star Trek: Prodigy: Season 1 V1 on Blu-ray & DVD

By 11/17/2022 12:00:00 PM

Get ready for some galactic adventures with a new crew in Star Trek: Prodigy: Season 1 Volume 1 Blu-ray™ and DVD, releasing on January 3, 2023 from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment.

Star Trek Prodigy Season 1 Volume 1 Blu-ray DVD

Star Trek: Prodigy: Season 1 Volume 1 Blu-ray/DVD ($17.99) featuring brave outcasts as they discover the world around them in ten adventure filled episodes!

Go beyond each episode with never-before-seen bonus content and exclusive cards featuring key art from the series!


Star Trek: Prodigy follows a motley crew of young aliens who must figure out how to work together while navigating a greater galaxy, in search of a better future.

These six young outcasts know nothing about the ship they have commandeered a first in the history of the Star Trek franchise but over the course of their adventures together, they will each be introduced to Starfleet and the ideals it represents.

Star Trek: Prodigy: S1 V1 Episodes:

Lost and Found, Part I
Lost and Found, Part II
Terror Firma
First Con-tact
Time Amok
A Moral Star, Part 1
A Moral Star, Part 2

Join the cool kids as they come together as a team to navigate a cosmic collision, explore new planets, and find themselves along the way in ten adventurous episodes.

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