BrightCanary App Monitors Kids Social Media

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Parents looking for a way to keep tabs on their kids social media use? BrightCanary, is a new app that helps parents monitor their kids' consumption on YouTube, Google, TikTok and Instagram.

BrightCanary Apps Monitors Kids Social Media

Parents get instant alerts, ongoing reports, and tailored advice to talk to kids about difficult topics they encounter online from violent video games to cyberbullying.

What is BrightCanary?

BrightCanary is an iOs app that brings a new approach to parenting in the digital age. Designed with a child’s first connected experiences in mind, it helps parents guide, protect and connect with their kids as they start to explore the online world.

BrightCanary’s app goes on the parents phone ONLY and then they can set up profiles for each child.


  • Balanced: BrightCanary strikes a balance between being hands-off and being a dictator, providing a middle ground where children still have online access, but also support.
  • Education: BrightCanary’s app is more than just a “monitor,” the app helps parents guide kids through the transition into the online world and establish healthy digital habits.
  • Brings peace of mind to parents who are unsure how to navigate new challenges, sending alerts and providing feedback on what their kids are seeing and doing online, who they are talking to, and how to talk with them about it.
  • Communication: BrightCanary’s “Ask the Canary AI” provides guidance on how to talk to kids about what they’ve seen and what they should be careful of.
  • Easy-to-use: BrightCanary was designed for busy parents, saving them the time and hassle of managing software across multiple devices.
  • Password Manager: Keep track of kids’ passwords all in one place with BrightCanary’s simple, secure, and encrypted Password Vault.
  • Affordable BrightCanary costs just $6/ month and one account covers the whole family.

How to Use BrightCanary to Raise Tech-Smart Kids | BrightCanary

How does it work?

1. Sign up (free trial for a week, then priced at $8.00 a month thereafter)

2. Add the child(ren) and connect their digital accounts (using their user name and password, on the parents’ device)

3. A single dashboard helps parents understand their kids’ digital habits on an ongoing basis. Parents use it to check their activity summaries periodically, review content alerts as needed. Video included below of a sample parent report.

4. Use the anonymous AI chatbot “Ask the Canary” for advice on how to talk to kids about specific digital parenting topics (e.g. things they are exposed to)

Which types of content BrightCanary flags?

Content and language related to bullying, violence, sex, racism, alcohol, and self-harm.

What is interesting is it also flags ADVERTISEMENTS that were served up while a child is watching their favorite YouTube video, on say “Car Races or “Fire Trucks.”

You’d be surprised at how many ads for Alcohol and other non-kid-friendly topics come up.

Doesn’t Apple Screen time and Google Family Link do this for free?

BrightCanary offers a great complement to Apple Screen Time and Google Family Link, as it goes beyond monitoring which apps and sites they use to monitoring the actual content they're reading, viewing and posting.

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