Saki Milton Interview for STEM plant-based bug repellents

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When it comes to bugs, I confess I'm not exactly a fan. Who likes bug bites?! But ironically someone has to like bugs and study them, so we can get the benefits like insecticides and repellents!

Note: I received product samples for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Keeping this in mind, I looked forward to interviewing Saki Milton, Founder of The GEMS Camp (, STEM educator and advocate, about how families can encourage kids to be interested in nature.

We also talked about her partnership with STEM™, a line of bug-fighting insecticides and repellents powered by plant-based active ingredients

Partnership with STEM Bug-Fighting Products

Saki Milton: This partnership between myself and the STEM brand is the result that STEM, which is signs technology, engineering and mathematics, has really become more important in our students curriculum.

So we really wanted to find a way to highlight and to develop passion and curiosity for students in terms of exploring the world around them through nature and science. So that's why we're working together.

So this partnership is to really drive that passion and curiosity for science and nature, at home with the next generation, to help parents be able to do that.

Encouraging Interest in STEM Careers

Saki Milton: My background is in STEM education and I'm extremely passionate about, advocating for girls in STEM, especially girls of color.

So there's still this huge underrepresentation of women in the STEM fields. And even more disparities are revealed when you're talking about women of color. So this starts in in school, for a variety of reasons.

But to highlight the types of careers that are out there for kids interested in science, there's a just so many. Think of astronomy. If your kid isn't just into stars, think of veterinarian sciences, if they're into animals zoology.

Saki Milton: But particular, to this discussion, entomology is a STEM career pathway that is quite promising. Because entomologists, their expertise is used to develop products like the STEM brand of mosquito repellent and the bug killing insecticide.

So these career paths are very very important.

Tips to Make Science & Nature Interesting

Saki Milton: I had amazing science and math teachers that really propelled me into this particular line of work. Those people made it interesting and fun, and sparked my curiosity.

So to that end, the advice that i would on how you do that, is to spark curiosity. Encourage kids to embrace science at home, on family outing, etc.

You don't always have to go to the ballpark or some expensive adventure park, just doing nature walks. Nature Museums, Natural History Museums, Planetariums, all those types of places that are right there in our cities, are great places to begin sparking that curiosity.

Saki Milton: There's some simple at home experiments, like putting a leaf under water and then watching that bubble form, the bubble that appeared, that means that leaf is breathing.

Kids will start loving science, when they actually do science at home.

How to Self-Care

Saki Milton: Well, I'm a fan of yoga. I'm a fan of taking nature walks. I like looking at creation and all of its beauty. I love to read. I love to watch old films.

And I just really like being with my family, more than anything.

STEM plant-based bug insecticides & repellents

The full line up of STEM™, entomologist-tested and scientifically engineered bug-fighting products, provides a one-stop-shop of repellents and bug killers rooted in nature and optimized by science, that families can use in and throughout their home.

Formulated with botanical extracts, STEM offerings have no added dye, fragrance or harsh chemical odor, providing effective pest control solutions that are safe for use around people and pets.


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