Restaurant - Photo Friday

By 10/14/2022 02:09:00 PM ,

I recently joined a friend for dinner in this restaurant. And it was interesting.....

I've wined and dined with kings and queens, and I've slept in the alley eating pork and beans. - Dusty Rhodes

Let me first say I've eaten in this restaurant before, but not at this location. The food is so yum! And it was yum here also. That wasn't the issue.

The issue was expectation and atmosphere.

I was one of very few and many tables apart person of color. And I think at the time only women of color. Well specifically black women. I'm sure there was an Latina or Asian women somewhere.

Anyway being in a place like this under those circumstances always lessens the taste of my meal. The looks and energy from surrounding people just doesn't taste well.

Not that it stopped me from finishing my meal. And having dessert! LOL

Have you ever left a Restaurant?

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