Roborock Q-Series Robot Vacuums Simplifies Home Cleaning

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Roborock, creator of home robotics engineered to simplify life, has released Q-Series mid-range robot vacuums with auto-empty dock compatibility.

Introducing Roborock Q5+: Exceptional Value & Cleaning Convenience

  • Engineered for Hands-off Cleaning: Driven by a 5200mAh battery to power longer cleans, the Roborock Q5+ features 2700 Pa of suction power to easily suck up dirt and grime into the 2.5L dust bag of the Auto-Empty Dock Pure for hands-free cleaning up to seven weeks.
  • In-App Customizable Cleaning: Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and Siri, Q5+ utilizes advanced app control to combine customizable cleaning with a PresciSense LiDAR system, allowing users to set custom cleaning schedules by room, time of day, routines and even suction power.

    For multi-level homes, Q5+’s advanced multi-level mapping systems automatically recognize different floors to own No-Go Zones and Invisible Walls.
  • Designed for Peace of Mind: Customers can have greater peace of mind knowing they don’t have to babysit their Q5+. The intelligent robot vacuum constantly monitors its surroundings, preventing it from falling or getting trapped – The Q5+ will even send in-app alerts to customers if the robot vacuum has an issue.

The Roborock Q5+ Video Clip

Beginning with the Roborock Q5+ model with auto-empty dock bundle, the entire Q-series features LiDAR navigation, multi-level mapping and customizable app controls, making automated cleaning now an affordable luxury for most U.S. homes.

Roborock Q5: Opt to purchase the standalone robot vacuum with LiDAR navigation, 2700Pa suction and rubber bristle brush for effective cleaning without the Q5+’s auto-empty convenience.

Roborock Q7 & Q7+: Purchase the robot vacuum and mop with LiDAR navigation, 2700Pa suction and all-rubber main brush with or without the Auto-Empty Dock Pure.

Roborock Q7 Max & Q7 Max+: Experience the powerful robot vacuum and mop with LiDAR navigation, 4,700Pa suction and electric mopping with or without the Auto-Empty Dock Pure. Available in Black or White.

The Roborock Q-series is available on Amazon.

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