Death of Classical Crypt & Cemetery Music Concerts

By 10/20/2022 11:41:00 AM

Looking for a different Fall activity to enjoy? Go to one of the Death of Classical music performances happening in a Crypt, Catacomb, Cemetery, and other unusual spaces.

Fall Death of Classical Concerts

Oct 14: Parker Ramsey - Nico Muhly's The Street (in the Crypt)

The New York Premiere of a piece by award-winning composer Nico Muhly and famed writer Alice Goodman, for harp, soprano, and narrator, that offers a profound, provocative take on Christ’s crucifixion from condemnation to interment.

Oct 20-21: Nightfall

A large-scale event that sees 1500 audience members roving throughout Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery, with circus performers, storytellers, musicians, film projections, and more.

Oct 27: James Carson - Cabin Music (in the Crypt)

Pianist James Carson has spent two decades creating a new form of music between composition and improvisation, where he channels the energy of the audience, the history of the space and the surroundings, and the instrument itself, into a transcendent shared journey.

Nov 3: Jennifer Koh (in the Crypt)

One of the world's most famous violinists, giving an intimate performance of her program AloneTogether, solo violin pieces which she commissioned from numerous composers during the lockdown.

Nov 9: Owls

A string quartet supergroup, performing an emotionally intense program of music ranging from the 1600s to present day.

Nov 28: Jiji

A star guitarist who offers her take on an old-school mixtape, where each piece of the program has a personal story and meaning to her.

Nov 30: Empire Wild

A trio that fuses different genres and time periods into a joyful, uncatagorizable experience.

Death of Classical Introduction Video | The Crypt Sessions & The Angel's Share

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