Interactive Family Gaming with ProjeX Projecting Arcade Video Game

By 5/04/2020 01:43:00 PM

Like most kids, my son likes to play video games, so we were interested in the appeal of ProjeX Projecting Arcade Game: real-life gaming without needing a TV screen.

Note: This is a sponsored post. While I received product sample for review purpose, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own

Why the appeal of gaming without a screen? Because you're not limited by location or cords! Allowing families options to game literally anywhere. All they need is a blank surface and extra batteries!

After receiving our ProjeX Projecting Arcade, we couldn't wait to set it up and try it out. Setup was literally easy, put in the batteries, plug in the blasters, insert the game slides and starting shooting your target. Or at least try.

This is where the interactive fun happens.

My son, and a few neighborhood kids each took turns trying to hit different targets, which included ducks, targets or UFOs. Since ProjeX Projecting Arcade comes with 5 different built-in games and 3 skill levels (beginner, advanced and expert) the kids could try different combos while gaming solo and together in teams.

It was fun for them to see targets moving around on the living room wall and ceiling. They had such a great time blasting away while bonding with each other. It was sweet to watch.

Families will definitely enjoy a ProjeX Projecting Arcade in their home.

ProjeX turns any room in your house into an incredible gaming arcade. The Projex system projects the targets onto almost any wall. There's no need for a TV, computer, smart phone or other equipment.

The portable, battery-operated projector includes two blasters, which are stored right on the unit, a built-in LED scoreboard, and a place to keep image slides.

ProjeX features five games and three skill levels to keep players engaged. Play solo, head-to-head, or team up in "Co-Op" mode, which lets two players combine scores. Best of all, an unlimited number of players can join the fun.

ProjeX is battery-powered so it can go wherever you go – inside or out. Play on any blank wall, your garage door – even the side of your house! It really is a very unique gaming experience.

Retailing for $49.99, while recommended for children 6+, ProjeX™ is great for any age child, as well as adults.

The game can be purchased at Target, Walmart and

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