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By 5/07/2020 01:49:00 PM

Health and wellness company Boomer Naturals are providing face masks, including hard to find children’s sizes, during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep families safe.

Note: I received product samples for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Boomer Naturals was generous to send us a child's face mask for my tween son to wear when outside. The mask was easy for him to put on with a print design he was okay to wear. Which meant I didn't have to nag him to wear it.

The material was soft on his face so he was touching his face to "adjust" it, which meant he could wear the mask for an extended time while we did errands. Which meant he was protected until we came back home!

Which is why kids need to wear face masks, as well as adults.

FYI Children’s cloth face mask should:

  • Be worn only by children ages 2 years and up
  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
  • Be secured with ear loops
  • Allow for breathing without restriction

The Boomer Natural Protective Face Masks are top quality, medical grade masks from Vietnam that block 92.2% of all particles - much like the N95 masks that block 95% of particles.

Utilizing a special anti-viral, anti-bacterial fabric, the multi-use masks are three layers thick, have a cotton liner, are machine washable and reasonably priced.

For the quick production of face masks, Boomer Naturals turned to Vietnam, one of the most successful countries in controlling the spread of COVID-19, to secure the same protective masks used in that country.

The Boomer Naturals Protective Face Masks come in a variety of colors and kid-friendly prints, that kids are sure to love.

Special prices for the face masks are $7.40 for kid’s sizes; adult sizes start at $9.30.

All sizes are available to purchase now at

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