How Speaking on Verizon Wireless Panel Connected Me & Readers

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Recently I invited 10 of my blog readers to join me during a panel discussion hosted by Verizon Wireless. While I was part of a panel of 3 mom bloggers, the focus of the discussion wasn't just about us.

Verizon Wireless Mom Panel

Please Note: I was invited to be speaker on the Verizon Wireless Panel. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

We were there to connect and share in a conversation with our readers. The topic? Smart Phones and how they've affected our lifestyles.

Verizon Wireless Mom Panel

During the discussion the panel shared what types of smart phones we have, the apps we used and our thoughts on how technology has either made out lived simpler or more complex. For my part I'm pro technology and think that smart phones have made an positive impact. I'm able to navigate around town, shop for groceries, and plan a play-date via a social network all using my smartphone.

Some of the Android Apps I use and highlighted during the discussion. These app are also available for iPhones
But smart phones aren't for everyone.

Vida of Mommy Lok, one of my readers and a fellow mom friend, shocked most people in the room when she shared she didn't have a smart phone. After the room recovered from collective shock, a discussion was started about how some forms of technology have taken over people lives and keeps them too connected and assessable constantly.

The panel each shared how we manage technology and take time offline for ourselves and our families.

For my part I schedule a social timeout for evening and weekends. I confess I still keep my phone close to me but I'm not active on any social networks, texting or blogging. I shared how taking a timeout is important for me to recharge and feel less over whelmed which in turn makes me happier and more productive..

Verizon Wireless Mom Panel

After the panel discussion we had a chance to chat with the readers and that was the best part. I was able to meet in real life people like Kitty Bradshaw, who I knew from twitter and her blog.

It was great to talk to Kitty and learn more about her as a person. As I walked around the room meeting and greeting I was grateful for this chance to connected with readers on a deeper and personal level about smartphones and technology.

Thanks Verizon Wireless!

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  1. Disclosure: I am part of the Verizon Wireless Midwest Moms Program. I have a Xoom tablet with a Verizon data plan through December and will be getting a smartphone to test out, too.

    I DO NOT HAVE A SMARTPHONE! I have a phone that allows some texting, which is key, and I can access the web, but it's a pain to use and I can't get apps. Playing around with a tablet has changed my world. I love it, but I think I prefer it to a smartphone, especially with my aging eyes and chubby fingers.

    I have purposefully stayed away from the 24/7 internet/blog/twitter access. I've said, I don't have a smartphone because I fear I would forget my family exists if I did. So it was a good line to draw in recent years.

    Putting on my consultant hat, this sounds like a fun discussion and event, but it also sounds a bit like a focus group. And while you got to meet your readers, which you invited to the event, I'm assuming the Verizon folks did, too. So that's a significant investment on your part without compensation. Hmmm.

  2. Thanks for sharing the name of the applications - I will keep those in mind when I do upgrade my phone :)

  3. Too funny that the room was shocked Vida didn't have a Smartphone! :) I have a Treo which I think is like a Smartphone, but it's pretty old, has limited functionality, and I don't like how it works in general. But I paid a lot for it years ago so guess I'll hang onto it until it dies.

    Congrats, Onica, on being invited to speak on the panel! Mommylok told me you did a great job and from your post it looked like it was pretty productive!

  4. This sounds like a great opportunity, and perfect for a techie like you!!!

    My Blackberry gives me texting ability and limited access to the web, which is fine for me because its hard enough for me to tear myself away from all the social media and give my 100% attention to all my boys. I'm afraid of the monster i would/could become if i had access to a smart phone with all those features and apps.

    Great job, sis!