Getting Violent Lips at Warren-Tricomi Salon

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During Fashion Night Out, I stop by the Warren-Tricomi Salon at The Plaza for a complimentary Violent Lips temporary lip tattoo application. I wasn't sure what to expect but since Violent Lips are a line of natural and vitamin enhanced temporary lip tattoos which are FDA approved, AND vegan, I figured I can take a chance. Besides on a night of fashion and style I needed something to give me some pizazz.

Violent Lips WarrenTricomiViolent Lips

Please Note: I received a complimentary Violent Lips tattoo application. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

Violent Lips WarrenTricomiViolent Lips WarrenTricomi

So how was it? Actually it's alot like getting one of those stick on kids tattoos. After I chose the purple Cheetah pattern, my lips were measured for the right sizing, then the appliqu├ęs are damped with water while on my lips, a few firm presses and then the backing slides off to leave me with patterned lips.

Violent Lips WarrenTricomiViolent Lips WarrenTricomi

At first I wasn't sure how it would stand up to my fashion night out of smiling, laughing and of course wine drinking but after setting on my lips the Violent Lip tattoo did great. No peeling or staining. I ate, smiled and of course drank wine with no problems.

I did make sure to keep my lips moisturized with light lip gloss. Not sure if that made a difference for me. Over all I really liked the special look I had for the night and received many compliments on my lips.

Once back home it all came off smoothly with some baby oil and a tissue. My lips weren't dried out or damaged. I think Violent Lips are a great idea to dress up for a fun night out or for the holiday. Many different styles and colors to choose from to fit different skin tones and personalities.

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  1. i have been seeing and hearing so much about these temporary lipsticks.. not sure how i feel about them, but you look great.. it's not to bright but i nice color..

  2. Wow, that's pretty hip! I had never heard of these before. What will they think of next?

  3. @LosingInCity, there's so many styles and colors to choose from. Not all are bright. Try something simple and low key to see if you like it first.

    @BiculturalMama, Glad I could share the information for you