My Penguin Friend Film Inspirational True Story

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Inspired by the incredible true story of DinDim the Penguin, Roadside Attractions MY PENGUIN FRIEND will release in theaters on August 16th, 2024.

My Penguin Friend Film Inspirational True Story

A sweeping family adventure, My Penguin Friend is a triumphant tale of friendship between a lonely father and a little lost penguin who recharges his spirit and heals his family with an unshakable, ocean-crossing loyalty.


Humble fisherman João (International star Jean Reno) has turned away from the world in the wake of tragedy. But when he discovers a penguin drifting alone in the ocean, drenched in oil from a spill, his first instinct is to help.

To his wife’s (Oscar nominee Adriana Barraza) dismay, he not only rescues the sea creature, but takes the flightless bird under his wing. For the first time in years João starts to feel joy, even if he cannot fathom just how unbreakable a bond is being formed.

When the penguin suddenly disappears back into the immense wilds of the ocean, João believes it is impossible that he will ever see his friend again.

But thousands of miles away, the penguin is caught in misadventures of his own, determined to use his unique GPS-like powers to find his way back to the place he now considers home.

Based on an emotional true story that riveted the world and filmed on the spectacular coasts of Brazil and Argentina, My Penguin Friend is a tale that traverses the magic of the ocean, the beauty of nature, and the transformative power of love.

Starring Jean Reno, Adriana Barraza

Official Trailer | In Theaters August 16

Directed by David Schurmann
Written by Paulina Lagudi, Kristen Lazarian
Produced by Robin Jonas, Shaked Berenson, Patrick Ewald, Nicolas Veinberg, Steven P. Wegner, Jonathan E. Lim, Andreas Wentz

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