Cozyla Digital Frame: Bring Memories to Life with Voice Messages

By 10/26/2023 09:21:00 AM

Have a lot of photos and looking for a way to share and enjoy them? Get a Cozyla digital frame, a state-of-the-art way to upload 1000s of photos.

Cozyla Digital Frame Brings Memories to Life with Voice and Music

Transitioning from the conventional to a dynamic display, with Cozyla your cherished memories are always within sight and touch. Relive your moments with a simple touch.

Amazing gift idea or to keep for yourself and one for your home decor! You can gift Cozyla and then continue to upload photos for the person you gave it to!

Or let them know you have a Cozyla and so they can upload their photos to yours! Stay connected with friends and family in an innovative way!


  • Innovative digital frames with WiFi HD touch screen, available in multiple sizes and styles
  • Send pictures via email, Google Photos, Instagram, and the Cozyla app. Sync your 10000+ Google Photos to the frame with a few clicks.
  • Share the albums to other frames without uploading thousands of photos again.
  • Free unlimited storage powered by Amazon and an easy to use app to upload photos anytime.
  • The touchless gift mode allows the gift giver to pre-set the frame and preload photos and greeting messages without unboxing. And the recipient can plug and play photos without app and setup.
  • Upload photos to frames with voice recordings to make your pictures come to life.

The Cozyla digital frame is $99.99 and available on Amazon and Walmart.

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