Smart Home Tips to Lower Summer Utility Bills

By 5/31/2023 01:56:00 PM

During the summer months some energy bills can increase due to consistent usage of things like the AC. While we all want to stay cool, we also want to save money!

If you have a smart home, try these tips from Leviton on how to lower utility costs with the use of smart devices.

Schedule high energy consumption activities

Lower your utility bills by scheduling chores like running the dish washer or washing machine and charging your electric vehicle for off-peak hours. Some EV Charging Stations will even let you remotely schedule your charging sessions for these times, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting and driving up your monthly energy bills.

Turn on the fan, lower the AC

Research shows that when ceiling fans are used effectively, thermostats can be adjusted up to four degrees, reducing your home’s energy consumption while maintaining a nice, breezy, and comfortable temperature. No more sweating over the heat or your energy bills!

Using a smart fan controller like Leviton’s Decora Smart 2nd Gen Wi-Fi Fan Speed Controller Switch is an easy-to-install device to control your pull-chain ceiling fan, with the option of controlling and scheduling ceiling fans using with an app, voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, and Apple Siri via HomeKit, or the Apple Home app.

Try out motion-sensing devices

Never forget to turn off the lights again with a motion-sensing switch or dimmer. Motion-sensing lighting controls can help ensure you are not wasting electricity by keeping lights on when you’ve left a room.

Leviton’s Decora Smart Wi-Fi Motion-Sensing Dimmer can even be set to not turn on the lights if there is ample natural light in space, as well as features a built-in guide light to softly illuminate spaces at night, further helping you keep your energy bills down.

Revisit your smart home schedules

If you use a smart home platform to control your home’s devices, consider revisiting your settings in the summer to make sure they as energy efficient as possible.

For example, if you plan on traveling, whether just for a day trip or a weeks long adventure, check your lighting schedules to ensure you aren’t leaving lights and devices on when you’re gone or that you’re keeping you home safe by setting to vacation mode.

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