Beli Prenatal Vitamins for Men & Women

By 4/02/2023 04:03:00 PM

Do you know there's a prenatal vitamin for men, as well as women? During a press preview, I learned that Beli Baby products helps couples conceive healthy pregnancies, along with supporting women's health after childbirth and while breastfeeding.

Beli Prenatal Vitamins for Men & Women

During the event Joni Hanson Davis, CEO and Founder of Beli, shared that 1 in 5 will seek fertility care in their lifetime, whether that's getting pregnant, staying pregnant, etc. Beli’s goal is to modernize reproductive, prenatal, and fertility health based on the latest nutritional science.

Joni Hanson Davis, CEO and Founder of Beli

“Beli takes pride in researching and producing each product with great care and integrity. All products are vegan friendly, gluten free, GMO free, made in an FDA registered facility in the United States, and follow the FDA's Good Manufacturing Process Guidelines (CGMP).”

Beli Products

Beli Vitality for Men ($50.00 / month 30-day supply )

Beli for men’s prenatal multivitamin provides men with the right nutrients optimized for reproductive and sperm health, with some bonus benefits of energy, balance and overall wellness.

Beli’s Vitality Blend is the first to include the all-natural Shilajit as a key ingredient to improve sperm quality and overall fertility potential of men. Clinical investigations have confirmed Shilajit’s effectiveness in improving sperm count and overall sperm quality.

Beli for Women ($50.00 / month 30-day supply )

Beli for Women helps prepare the body to be the healthiest it can, to conceive, grow, and welcome a new little life. Specially formulated with ingredients that boost fertility for healthy conception, improve egg quality, protect baby’s brain & spine, maintain healthy energy throughout pregnancy & postpartum.

As well as, support bone density for mama & baby, help reduce nausea, support postpartum recovery and breastfeeding.

Beli for Women is formulated with 400mg of Choline, a superstar nutrient that plays a critical role in baby’s brain and spinal cord development.

When the plan is a baby, make sure you’re getting all of the nutrients you both need, in the right forms and the right amounts, to support your fertility for a successful conception, pregnancy, and baby.

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