Kinoo Magic Wand for Kid's Screen Free Learning & Play

By 10/26/2022 01:14:00 PM

The Kinoo Magic Wand™ is a smart, connected device that brings learning to life through physical movement and imaginative gameplay. All without a screen!

Kinoo Magic Wand For Kids Screen Free Learning and Play

The Kinoo Magic Wand™ (MSRP $99) features three illuminated smart bulbs and a speaker to produce light, color, and sound cues that guide children through the engaging movement-based games and activities illustrated in the “Move and Master” activity books, posters, and stickers.

Kinoo Magic Wand | Magic of Movement

These visual aids lead children and families through the wand’s music; letters, phonics, and reading; numbers, counting and math; geography; and life skills activities - creativity, collaboration, curiosity, critical thinking, and more.

Parents use the Kinoo Magic™ app to customize their wands by downloading new content and activities from an expanding library, to bring existing already-in-home, paper books to life.

Children may also use their wand, with the Kinoo Connect app, to play collaborative, curated games while video chatting with remote family members.

Founded by Jim Marggraff, creator of the LeapFrog® LeapPad™ Learning System, Kinoo is dedicated to creating the best possible future for children through connection, play, and learning.

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