Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day at CMOM

By 10/04/2022 12:21:00 PM ,

Honor Indigenous Peoples’ Day at CMOM! Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a holiday that celebrates, honors and commemorates Native American peoples’ histories and cultures.

Learn about the indigenous lands we live on, share stories, and explore ways we can help support the rights of Indigenous Americans.

  • Paper Mache Rattles (PlayWorks): Did you know that rattles can be found in almost every Native American tribe! They can be heard in personal or ceremonial music, as well as in social and celebratory music! Use different materials to create a rattle inspired by your family and cultural traditions as we learn about Native American customs and traditions.

  • Artful Activism: Megaphone (Inside Art): Show the world what you care about by creating a megaphone to amplify your voice and raise awareness about community issues as we learn about the rights many Indigenous Peoples continue to fight for today.

  • Drawing Home: The Art of Annie Pootoogook (MakerSpace): Annie Pootoogook created giant color pencil and crayon drawings of everyday life in her Inuit community of northern Canada. Learn more about Annie’s art and make a huge cutout portrait of yourself to include in an ever-growing community mural.

Learn more, visit - www.cmom.org

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