Mom and Son versus Roto Brain 3D Puzzle Sphere

By 2/23/2022 02:33:00 PM

Growing up, I enjoyed memory and tactical games like the Rubik’s Cube. So when I learned about Roto Brain, I looked forward to reviewing it. For myself and with my son. Who also like these types of games, especially if he can challenge me.

Note: I received product samples for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

So when our Roto Brain review sample arrived, we quickly opened the box and read the game play instructions. My son was confident that he could play and learn the game quickly. I on the other hand realize it's going to take come learning to figure out this game.

And I was right. At first it was me against my son to see who can solve the puzzles first. But honestly we ended up asking each other for help while playing. HA!

So it ended up being us against the game. Which turned out to be a nice twist. While we never did master Roto Brain, we eventually solved some puzzles. Overall the game is enjoyable once you figure out how to play. I like that you can custom code puzzles to enhanced game play.

So if your looking for a fun challenge similar to Rubik’s Cube, then try Roto Brain.

Roto Brain Intro - 3D puzzle

Creative Brainworks The Roto Brain ($19.99), is a 3D puzzle sphere game that encourages STEM development with its color-spinning multi-level challenges.

This brainteasing puzzle enhances memory, critical thinking skills and tests consumer’s IQ’s. Its endless color combinations keep users engaged and off electronic devices.

Product Features:

  • Test’s IQ and enhances critical thinking skills
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Endless color combinations
  • Addictive, color-spinning and fidget challenges
  • Great for on-the-go fun

Roto Brain is the Rubik’s Cube reinvented! Available at

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