Global Grub DIY Focaccia and Churro Kits

By 10/12/2021 05:10:00 PM

Global Grub has a new kits -- Focaccia and Churros! Rival the food carts and treat yourself at home.

Global Grub DIY Focaccia Kits

The DIY Focaccia Kit ($28.99 USD) helps you learn to make homemade Italian flatbread, and then take it next-level by turning it into an edible art. Use the fancy food tweezers to decorate with the fresh toppings of your choice and let your imagination guide you! Need inspo? The DIY kit includes a Focaccia Art Gallery too!

Global Grub DIY Churro Kits

The DIY Churro Kit ($41.99 USD) comes with just about everything you need to easily make about 40 homemade churros (2 batches of 20). The included piping set creates the classic churro shape with ridges, and the deep fry thermometer will help maintain the frying oil heat for delicious golden brown homemade churros.

All kits come with step-by-step cooking instructions, so home cooks can successfully handcraft these specialty meals and treats.

Global Grub DIY food kits make it simpler to tackle various global cuisines and create memorable cooking adventures with loved ones.

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