How iD Tech 'Squads After School' Connects Kids Socially

By 1/18/2021 10:24:00 AM

As we go into a new year of more remote learning, families are still looking for ways to fill gaps in thier kids social learning, since they're not interacting with friends in ways they use to.

To help families with this issue, iD Tech launched "Squads After School" — an online enrichment program that offers cutting-edge STEM tech curriculum with an enhanced social component. Students can invite friends to build their own "Squads," or be matched with other tech-minded participants to develop new friendships.

Since 1999, iD Tech has created engaging tech experiences for kids and teens to get them excited about coding, game development, robotics, and design through courses built around Roblox, Minecraft, Adobe Premiere, JavaScript, Python and other platforms that kids already know.

iD Tech | Squads After School Launch | Online Learning Platform

Once a student is registered for a weeklong Squads After School course, they are matched with an iD Certified Instructor—staff with skills, experience, and personality to bring out the best in participants. Instructors are recruited from top universities including Caltech, NYU, and UCLA.

With each daily 90-minute after-school session, kids and teens collaborate, problem solve and bond over new challenges — while connecting with new friends.

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