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During Toy Fair NY 2013, Toymaker Playhut showcased some very cool and fashionable new additions to their Mystixx fashion doll line in 2013: Mystixx Zombies, Mystixx Grimm and new Mystixx Fashion Packs.

Mystixx Mysfits dolls

In addition to its Mystixx™ doll line, Playhut also introduced new Mix N’ Match small dolls with its brand new collectible Mysfits line. I had a first look at the mini dolls and LOVED them.

Mystixx Mysfits dolls

The new Mystixx Mysfits are small 3” dolls with a Pop-N-Play feature, allowing kids to take them apart, and mix 'n match their head, body and feet with their friends! All of the interchangeable doll pieces (Hair, hat, head, torso and legs) fit with each other! Kids can collect them all to create hundreds of wacky Mysfits™ combinations! Available Fall 2013 SRP $7.99 Ages 4+. at Toys R Us and

Playhut also shared the other new themes to its Mystixx™ fashion doll line in: Mystixx™ Zombies, Mystixx™ Grimm and new Mystixx™ Fashion Packs. The 11” beautiful Mystixx™ fashion dolls have an interesting twist — each comes with two faces. With a simple turn of the head, the doll transforms from a beautiful “everyday” girl to a Vampire, Zombie, or Grimm forest creature.

Mystixx Zombies dolls

Mystixx™ Zombies – Four striking un-dead girls who love fashion! A unique line of gorgeous 11”dolls, each with their two distinctive personalities and two lives for “reality to fantasy” play! Each doll comes with an outfit, pair of shoes, an accessory, and two wigs for Zombie ‘transforming’ fun! Available Spring 2013 SRP $19.99 Ages 6+

Mystixx Grimm dolls
Mystixx Grimm dolls

Mystixx™ Grimm – Four very beautiful animalistic girls show up on the forest fashion scene! A unique line of 11” dolls, each with their two distinctive personalities and two lives for “reality to fantasy” play. Each doll comes with an outfit, pair of shoes, an accessory and a wig for Grimm ‘transforming’ fun! Spring 2013 SRP $24.99 Ages 6+

Mystixx Dolls Fashion Packs

Mystixx™ Fashion Packs – Additional accessories like fashion and hair packs will be available. All of the unique fashions fit all of the Mystixx™ dolls. Prices range from $9.99-$12.99. Ages 6+

Playhut's products are sold at major retailers including Walmart, Target, KMART, Toys "R" Us,, Costco, QVC, JC Penney and more in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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Note: I attended Toy Fair as media. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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  1. Onica, I love the The Mystixx Mysfits. They are not only cute and adorable but mixing and matching them looks like a whole lot of fun. The larger fashion dolls remind me of Monster High Dolls. I like the alternate forms.