Sphero BOLT+ Coding Robot Features & Activities

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Sphero has launched the BOLT+™ coding robot, that uses STEM education with its advanced features to empower students to explore coding, creativity, and core curriculum subjects through interactive lessons and activities.

Sphero BOLT+ Coding Robot Activities & Features

Ideal for providing dynamic, hands-on learning, the BOLT+ robot caters to all programming levels and abilities. Students can design animations, games, and unique projects, making coding personalized.

With upgraded sensors, a vivid 128x128-pixel LCD screen, 38 newly designed, standards-aligned lessons, BOLT+ integrates into subjects like math, science, and language arts, offering a multidimensional, cross-curricular learning experience.
Sphero BOLT+ Coding Robot Activities & Features


  • Vivid LCD Screen - Promote creativity and self-expression with over 650 vibrant graphics and playful animations. Display real-time sensor data, aiding precision in code debugging.
  • Engineered for Fun - Durable, waterproof polycarbonate shell keeps it safe from drops, crashes, and liquids!
  • New Programming Blocks - Exclusive new programming blocks for BOLT+ allow students to expand programming possibilities.
  • Program 3 Ways - Using the Sphero Edu app, program BOLT using draw and drive commands, drag-and-drop blocks, or JavaScript text programming.


BOLT+ Programming - Explore 16 lessons that introduce and reinforce the key algorithm and programming standards from beginner to advanced.

Elementary ELA - Level up reading and writing skills in grades 3-5 with eight fun and hands-on BOLT+ lessons.

Middle School Games - Introduce key concepts of game design and play a variety of games with new lessons designed specifically for BOLT+’s unique capabilities.

Available now for preorder, BOLT+ single robots are priced at $199, shipping August 2024.

Learn more, visit - www.sphero.com/products/sphero-bolt-plus

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