My Magic Carpet Machine Washable Rugs Collection

By 6/18/2024 05:46:00 PM

Designed to provide a premium accent to your home or office decor, My Magic Carpet washable rugs are soft, sleek, and foldable, making them easy to maintain and store.

Each My Magic Carpet rug consists of non-allergenic, stain-resistant 100% microfiber polyester, including a waterproof inner liner and a nonslip, patent-pending, webbed back.

Plus, the revolutionary pet and family-friendly design makes the rugs easy to care for; simply throw them in any standard sized washer and dryer.

These affordable rugs are offered in oriental, floral, striped patterns and solid colors to match the style of various d├ęcors.

Faux Jute Rug Collection

The Faux Jute Rug Collection, partially brought to life with renowned designer Genevieve Gorder, brings a magical, earthy feel to homes with a timeless look.

Faux jute rugs have a beautiful, indulgent texture without shedding or staining. The fabric mimics the natural jute fibers, offering a plush underfoot experience that adds warmth and decorative appeal.

My Magic Carpet reimagines it for modern homes, with a 100% waterproof inner lining and the ability to toss the rug in a washer and dryer, then lay it back down freshly cleaned.

Faux Jute Collection Trailer

Choose from eight designs, including:

Jute Aria Double-Diamond Natural Washable Rug 5’x7’ ($199)

This adaptable rug enriches your decor with its casual yet polished elegance, whether entertaining guests in the dining room or unwinding in the bedroom. Every detail is expertly designed to create a stunning double-diamond geometric pattern that instantly improves any room it adorns.

Jute Kilim Kiki Navy Washable Rug 5’x’7 ($199.99)

This rug gives a pop of contemporary style to any room with its magnetic geometric pattern. It is ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways and children's rooms. The non-slip backing guarantees stability and safety.

Jute Q-Bert Washable Rug 5’x7’ ($199.99)

This rug's geometric, modern design offers exceptional adaptability and is ideal for many areas, including kitchens, hallways, and entryways.

The collection is now available and is an exciting addition to the growing line of machine-washable rugs!

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