Learning to Fence at Manhattan Fencing Center NYC

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Did you know that Manhattan Fencing Center have trained Olympic medalist coaches available to teach kids from youth (ages 4-6) through teens (13-16)?

To learn more, I took my teen son for a fencing lesson!

Learning to Fence at Manhattan Fencing Center NYC

Note: I invited as media for a fencing session for review purposes. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

We met with Saber Coach Serge Shachanin, who took my teen son into Manhattan Fencing Center sports floor for a mini personal lesson.

During the lesson my son learned how to properly pick and wear the fencing equipment, basic footwork and how to stand and move, then about how to pick a blade.

Then it was time for him to put everything into action. Serge engaged my son with back and forth fencing and blocking. While my son was nervous at first, Serge correction and encouragements' help my son gain confidence and put more action into his movements.

After the lesson, both my son and I was excited with what he learned in such a short time. We both agreed that long term lessons would be very cool.

While it's recommended that kids start fencing lesson while younger, even teens starting now can benefit from learning to fence with some extra coaching and effort.

Fencing can help kids develop good sportsmanship, instill self-discipline, achieve healthy body, get accepted to top universities and so much more.

Manhattan Fencing Center

Manhattan Fencing Center offers classes (and camp) for musketeers (ages 4-6), youth (7-12), teens (13-16), competitive and elite.

Clinics and camps are taught by elite coaching team consisting of National, International and Olympic coaches. Camps are offered for students age 5 and up of all ability levels. Camps are divided by weapon, age, experience and USFA rating.

Their classes are unique in that they are broken up by both age and skill, unlike most other fencing clubs where kids are grouped together all in one big class.

They offer small classes and extra personalized attention to fencers which results in the #1 saber rating in the country so far and top college placements.

Manhattan Fencing Center is known for its trained Olympic medalist coaches in foil and saber for children and adults.

Before they head off to the 2024 Olympics, all qualifiers, Elizabeth Tartakovsky, Feres Ferjani, Pascaul Di Tella, Colin Heathcock, and Maia Chamberlain were trained by MFC Founder, Yury Gelman and coach, Vladimir Lukashenko.

Manhattan Fencing Center has two locations, one in NYC and one recently opened in newest location in Englewood, NJ.

For more information, visit - www.manhattanfencing.com

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