Fun Activities at Disney Jr.'s Ariel Seaside Celebration

By 6/28/2024 12:06:00 PM

Guess who got a preview of the Disney Jr.'s Ariel Seaside Celebration Event happening this weekend at Battery Park. Of course I did! But your family can attend also.

Fun Activities at Disney Jr.'s Ariel Seaside Celebration

Note: I was invited as media to the event. However, any views expressed are always 100% my own.

While I was mini cos-playing in purple and black as Ursula the sea witch from The Little Mermaid, I made sure to get a "makeover" with a spray paint face design.

But there's also options for the arms.

After that I met Mykal-Michelle Harris, voice star of Disney Jr’s Ariel. She was so sweet and full of energy.

While I didn't steal her voice, I did join her for a photo and tell her how excited I am that she's part of the series.

Then I was off to bubble things up, with some help from one of the staff members. The bubble area so fun and there's lots of bubble activities to enjoy there, but I had to get ready to dance.

I joined the dance party, which had live Caribbean music playing and interactive lessons where I learned different dance moves. Then Ariel came out and joined in the dancing!

After all that dancing it was time to visit the snack stations. Families can enjoy fruit blended drinks and snacks including patties and fruit cups.

I tasted it ALL and it's so delicious. They also have vegan options, water stations and juice boxes.

While these are just a highlight of the different areas I visited, there's so much more to enjoy for families including tickets for the kids to ride the Seaglass Carousel after!

Disney Jr. Ariel’s Seaside Celebration

Over the June 28th-30th weekend, Disney Jr. is celebrating the new series "Disney Jr.’s Ariel” with a FREE family-friendly event taking place on the two-acre Battery Woodland.

Friday, June 28 / 3PM-5PM
Saturday, June 29 / 10AM–5PM
Sunday, June 30 / 10AM–5PM

Advanced online reservations are best way (currently full), but families can also register in person and walk-ins are welcomed space permitting.

A few of the interactive activities includes

Caribbean-inspired music and dance parties
Ariel’s Mer-ling Makeovers (brought to you by Roku)
Ursula’s Bubble Apothecary
Flounder’s Underwater Treasure Hunt
Atlantica Palace Play Area from Just Play
And more!

Sorry no Character Meet-and-Greets at this experience.

Learn more, visit -

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