Benefits of Belly Binding with Bellibind

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For many mother's the postpartum experience is filled with care for the new baby. But it should also be filled with selfcare for the new mom and the body that has helped birth new life.

One way for moms to postpartum selfcare is by using the process of Belly Binding.

Benefits of Belly Binding with Bellibind

Note: I received product samples for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Belly binding is a technique of wrapping yourself with material to support your belly area and back. This helps your body while the muscles and organs recovers and re-adjusts. It also feels really good.

After I birthed my son, I did bind my belly for a few weeks but I didn't have any real guidance. I just wrapped fabric around and started my day.

I wish I had a product like Bellibind, which offers a real system for self wrapping, as well as access to a specialists (in person or virtual) for tips and support.

Benefits of Belly Binding with Bellibind

To learn more the Bellibind Bengkung belly binding wrap, I agreed to try out self wrapping at home.

I received a packaged that included a Belli Besties kit, which included skin firming womb oil and 100% organic cotton fabric. They also gifted me a spritz facial mist, which was a nice plus.

Bellibind Tips for Self-Wrapping at Home

Benefits of Belly Binding with Bellibind

Princess McKinney-Kirk, the founder of Bellibind, an expert in Bengkung belly binding and a doula for over 11 years, also provided me with a few tips for my self wrapping experience.

  • Tighter is not always Better! It's important to remember your body is seeking gentle support and fitting garments too tightly and creating too much pressure around a single section (like the mid-section) can make pelvic floor issues more pronounced. Even tension that feels snug like a hug is best and the most supportive postpartum.
  • Ensure full Hip to Underbust Coverage. We are not just cinching your waist. Belly binding is intended to include the hips up to the underbust. This allows for better core and posture support.
  • Be sure to have a support person available to help with baby as you take time to tend to your healing body with your self-binding practice. Alternatively, with no support available, time your self-wrapping after a good feeding with baby and a quick shower rinse off.
  • Don't wrap too snug around the ribcage. The belly binding should not feel like a corset and when self-wrapping it's easy to go too tight in the rib area. Take deep breaths as you go over the ribs or finish your last few layers while sitting to ensure optimal comfort in that position.

Self Wrapping with Bellibind

Benefits of Belly Binding with Bellibind

So how did I do with the self wrapping?

After watching the video tutorial a few times, I was able to make a good start. Once you learn the process of working the material and getting into a wrap and knot grove, it goes quicker then expected.

The lineup wasn't as tight or gathered like it could be, but even with my minimal effort I could feel the supportive effect of the wrap. And it felt much better then my first belly wrapping experience.

Not bad for a first timer. I think with more practice, I'll get a better fit.

But in case I want help and support, Bellibind has various ways to get help from phone consultation, to someone coming for a in house visit or scheduling a virtual wrap session.

And as a mom, that's something I know other mothers would appreciate.

In a world where new moms often forget to tend to themselves amidst baby-focused chaos, Bellibind is a reminder to moms to prioritize their well-being.


Benefits of Belly Binding with Bellibind

Bellibind was created to fill the void in current post birth recovery support.

Bellibind is a post-birth belly wrap and recovery experience to nurture and support the newborn mother - in mind, body, and spirit. They create postpartum experience for the everyday woman, inspiring long-term health and self-care.

Their bengkung belly binding wrap specialists train with top women health experts to ensure they provide the best anticipatory care, to help moms avoid common red flag issues that can lead to being readmitted into the hospital.

Excessive blood loss, incisional reopening or infection, anxiety, and diastasis recti - they designed their signature postpartum belly wrap experience to help women avoid these postpartum issues and more.

Learn more, visit -

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