Danielle Brooks Motherhood Tips, Self-care & Pampers Partnership

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Pampers hosted a brunch and learn with Danielle Brooks, award-winning actor, singer and mother to highlight motherhood, bonding moments and their latest, Swaddlers 360 diapers.

Onica Cupido interviews Danielle Brooks on Motherhood Tips and Pampers Partnership

Note: I was invited as media to the event. However any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Pampers Chat on Motherhood

Danielle Brooks: Come and share, have some real conversations. Being able to be vulnerable and talk about the real is exciting for me, because I do personally feel (it's key) to have a circle of women.

I personally have my own tribe, but even when you step outside of that, having women that you can talk to and share your stories with, it's so crucial to being the best mom you can be.

During the event Danielle sat with a group of various influencer moms to discuss challenges and adjustments of motherhood.

It was amazing intimate and all the women was touched by Danielle's motherhood experience and her humor.

After the fireside chat, I met with Danielle Brooks, who was so sweet, to discuss her life as a busy mom, tips for raising a young child and her partnership with Pampers.

Fitting in bounding time with family

Danielle Brooks: I love spending time with my daughter. I love working, but when I have time off and I get to spend 24/7 with her, it makes me really happy.

We sing together, she got a little karaoke machine, she puts on performances for me. We just got a performance of Little Mermaid in the dining room the other day.

Danielle Brooks: While on the road we FaceTime all the time and call her. But we have a rule in our house, that we can't let more than a month go by that we don't see each other.

So, when I was doing the Oscars and going in and out of New Zealand, anytime I was in La, we would get them on a flight, my husband and my daughter, to spend time with me.

Advice for moms of young children

Danielle Brooks: I got a lot of advice! Be patient with your child. Figure out which battles are worth fighting with your child. Maybe it is okay that they stay up and not take a nap, it's okay.

I think that's my biggest thing, allowing her (daughter) to be independent. I think a lot of times we just say, no, no, no, because it's convenient for us as parents, more than it is going to harm your child.

Danielle Brooks: A lot of times it's just like no, because I don't want to clean up the mess right. I don't want to have to fix whatever you just you know, destroy. But I think it's okay to let them be a little more free.

How to Self-care at Home

Danielle Brooks: So the other day, I give her a bath, read a book, say our prayers and go to bed. And she's always like Mom, why do you have to go? Why do you have to leave? Are you sleep with me? And I say, no, I'm gonna take my bath.

But she gets, because she has to take a bath. I take my own bath after I put her down.

Danielle Brooks: So, I jump right in there with my salt baths and oils. And I just spent some time in the bath, reading a book and chilling.

And I love going to the gym. So right after dropping her off from Montessori. I go straight to the gym and have my time.

Favorite gift from previous Mother's Days

Danielle Brooks: My first Mother's Day was wonderful. We were at my parents house, had a beautiful dinner and my parents gave me a photo that we took from the hospital of me. my husband, and my daughter holding hands.

Like you see her little finger, one-year-old finger in the shot, and they blew it up to this massive artwork, so that's my favorite.

Balancing privacy as a public figure

Danielle Brooks: Don't share what you don't want out there. Saying no, being okay was saying no, I'm not talking about that. I think I've done a good job of doing that for me.

Like, some people love to overshare, some people don't like to share at all. For me, if I don't want to talk about it, I'm not talking about it.

Working High Profile Black Women: Oprah, Taraji and Fantasia

Danielle Brooks: It was amazing. I've been a fan of all of them for such a long time, so from my name to even be grouped in with those three women, I was very honored by that.

I think we learned a lot from each other. We did have a Sisterhood between the four of us.

Danielle Brooks: And I really appreciate Ms. Oprah's mentorship during that time. Just being able to call her at any moment and know that she would pick up, and helped me figure out whatever I was trying to navigate. I just really appreciate her for that. Especially at the level that she is.

Danielle Brooks x Pampers Partnership

Danielle Brooks: When you're first starting out, you're trying everything and luckily for me, when I left the hospital, we were giving Pampers. So we found early on, that worked for us.

Also my daughter has eczema and would get skin rashes and stuff. But that never gave her issue.

Danielle Brooks: That's why I can be honest when I speak about Pampers and so yeah, this makes sense. (the Pampers partnership)

Pampers New Swaddlers 360 Diapers

During the event, I visited various stations to learn more about Swaddlers 360 Diapers, which were engineered to provide up to 100% leakproof protection, while ensuring comfort and convenience for parents and babies.

Swaddlers 360 diapers offer new innovations including:

  • Super Soft Comfort: With Swaddlers 360 diapers, every change guarantees your baby experiences the softness and skin protection they deserve.
  • Sizing: Pampers Swaddlers 360 diapers are available in sizes 3-6.
  • Pull-On 360 Waistband: Swaddlers 360 diapers feature a 360-degree stretchy waistband that meets parents and babies at every wiggle, making diaper changes so easy - whether your little one is lying down, standing, or walking. Simply slip on and you're all set!
  • Easy-Tear Sides: Simplifying disposal, parents can easily tear the sides, roll up the diaper, and secure it with the attached disposal tape for convenient and hygienic disposal.
  • Dual Leak-Guard Leg Barriers and LockAway Channels:These features provide enhanced protection where leaks commonly occur, while locking wetness away to keep baby’s skin dry & healthy.
  • Blowout Barrier Innovation: Prevents up to 100% of leaks, even blowouts.
  • 100% Hypoallergenic: Free of elemental chlorine bleaching, parabens, and latex to be safe and gentle on baby’s delicate skin.

Pampers Swaddlers 360 diapers are now available nationwide at select retailers

Learn more, visit - www.pampers.com

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