Kazoo Snacks Water-Saving Tortilla Chips

By 8/30/2022 10:54:00 AM

Looking for a family snack that is also eco-friendly? Try Kazoo Snacks—the first tortilla brand that enables families to snack and save water!

Kazoo Snacks Water-Saving Tortilla Chips

Note: I received a product sample for review purposes. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

While helping to save water is a good by-products, does it taste good?

The answer is yes! We received both the Restaurant Style and Lime Zest varieties and enjoy them with turkey chili. They were so yum. The chips were light flavor and went well with the taste.

We also tried the chips by themselves and also enjoyed them. The Lime Zest stood out more in flavor as a single snack, so a good option when you want a quick chip snack.

Overall Kazoo Tortilla Chips is a good snack option for family looking for chips with great taste they can enjoy while doing their part to be eco-conscious.

Kazoo Snacks Water-Saving Tortilla Chips

As sustainable as they are nutritious, Kazoo Snacks’ tortilla chips are available in Restaurant Style, Bite-sized and Lime Zest varieties—all of which are Vegan, kosher and gluten-free. At 140 calories per serving, each handful of Kazoo’s tortilla chips is chock-full of fiber, calcium, potassium and 100% natural ingredients.

Every bag of Kazoo Tortilla Chips is made using 40% upcycled corn germ, repurposed from the Nation’s massive corn starch industry which produces germ as a by-product.

Traditional tortilla chip companies use 100% virgin growth corn. Conversely, Kazoo Snacks, is working to ensure all that’s harvested for food, ends up feeding people. Using corn primarily harvested from generational farms in Iowa, Kazoo Snacks’ proprietary manufacturing process allows it to reclaim and upcycle corn germ that would have otherwise gone to animal feed.

Doing so, enables the company to get more out of each corn harvest, which saves water like crazy.

Reclaiming and upcycling reduces Kazoo’s water footprint by at least 20 gallons of water per bag. Providing all the taste, with none of the waste, this is guilt-free, sustainable snacking that makes an impact!

Kazoo Snacks is available at SRP: $4.99 per 11-ounce bag in Whole Foods and Amazon.

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