5 Products for a Cozy Dorm Space

By 8/30/2022 09:54:00 AM

Get excited to get to campus with these unique college must-haves! Below are items perfect for creating a cozy space in the dorms, helping you make new friends and stay focused for those cram sessions!

5 Products for a Cozy Dorm Space

Honeydew Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow - $99

The Scrumptious Side Sleeper pillow from Honeydew Sleep is perfect for in-between class naps! Designed to support a side sleeper’s spinal alignment and to reduce strain on your upper body, this pillow has been crafted to help you get a better sleep.

It even has a copper infused foam fill that has naturally antibacterial properties and keeps pillows fresh and cool night after night.

Available: Amazon and www.honeydewsleep.com

Anne Cate Toiletry Bags - Starting $22

Whether you're looking forward to embracing a new hometown, or want to keep a piece of home with you, Anne Cate offers home products with 160+ different skylines (including dozens of college towns), so you can be right at home, in a new hometown.

Available: www.annecate.com

TableTopics® Conversation Starters - Starting at $20

Skip awkward small talk and jump into conversation with new friends and TableTopics® Conversation Starters! They have editions for Friendship, What Would You Do, Happiness and Date Night + more! Ask the right question and you never know what you’ll discover with the help of TableTopics®.

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Dillards and www.tabletopics.com

Puffer Hug - Starting at $39.99

Drafty dorm rooms and lecture halls are no match for Puffer Hug. Stay comfortable without lugging jackets. Durable puffer outside with super soft fleece inside. 

  • Great for all travel, outdoor events, morning walks and more. 
  • Oversized pockets for your hands, phone, keys, & more. 
  • Wear it as a stylish scarf or draped under your outerwear.

Available: Amazon and www.originalpufferhug.com

J&L Naturals’ Self Care Kit

The Simple Self-Care Kit takes the guesswork out of skin + body care. The products are multi-use and everything uses all-natural, biodegradable ingredients.


  • Cleansing bar cleanses your face without stripping skin of moisture.
  • Biodegradable bamboo toothbrush gently cleans the teeth, gums, and tongue.
  • Face salve moisturizes, prevents breakouts, and nourishes skin with vitamins.

Available: www.jnlnaturals.com

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