Keep Connected to Home with CoreCam Wireless Security Camera

By 9/01/2022 12:32:00 PM

The start of Fall is a busy time. Families are enjoying the last summer activities outside, before the start of school.

With all that time outside, you can make sure things are safe at home with Swann's new battery-powered WiFi CoreCam™ Wireless Security Camera.

The CoreCam™ Wireless Security Camera ($129.99) is wire-free with a battery life of up to 90 days on one charge. Additional features include heat- and motion-sensing, night vision, smart mobile alerts, two-way talk with a siren, free cloud, and local storage of the user's recordings.

CoreCam Intro Video (August 2022)

  • Protection 24/7 - See in the dark up to 50ft / 15m with the powerful infrared night vision, which automatically kicks in as night falls.
  • Speak to See - Use your voice to live stream on any Hey Google or Alexa device with a screen, including Chromecast devices. Customize & use phrases like “Alexa, show the front door” or “Hey Google".
  • Truly Reliable Security - With True Detect™, heat from people & cars triggers push notifications & video recording

This WiFi CoreCam™ Security Camera is also weatherproof and ready to use right out of the box. It works on iOS (11.0 and above) or Android™ (8.0 and above) mobile device/tablet via WiFi with a high-speed internet connection.

With Swann's security products, there is no initial subscription fee, but additional features are available with Swann Secure+ plans. Swann's product line is monitored and set up via the Swann Security App on Apple and Android.

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