Wonderscope 'Clio's Cosmic Quest' & other augmented reality storybooks

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Earlier this year I learned about Wonderscope, the augmented reality children's reading app. The app is both fun and educational for children who enjoy playing with augmented reality. They will be amazed by the various AR storybooks, including the newest - Clio's Cosmic Quest.

Clio's Cosmic Quest joins the Wonderscope app's growing catalog of read aloud, interactive adventures, which allow children to converse with characters and play an active role in the narrative.

Wonderscope: Clio's Cosmic Quest

In Clio's Cosmic Quest, children are invited to journey into space where they meet Clio, a tiny particle of stardust who dreams of illuminating the universe as a big, beautiful star. Tasked with helping her, kids read out loud to challenge bullies, meet the Sun and bring the nebula back together, learning facts and engaging with a fully interactive solar system along the way.

Wonderscope's library of titles, include:

  • A Brief History of Stunts by Astounding People, where children take part in three of history's most impossible stunts and meet the real people that made them happen: Betty Bromage, an 88-year old grandmother that stood on the wings of an airborne bi-plane; Helen Gibson, Hollywood's first stuntwoman; and Charles Blondin, the first person to tightrope walk across Niagara Falls.
  • Little Red the Inventor, where kids pair up with Red, a modern-day Little Red Riding Hood who has added "inventor" to her resume. Together they solve tricky situations to evade the Big Bad Wolf, using their voices to stand up for what's right, and their smarts to become heroes in this new take on a classic fairy tale.

More stories being released in the coming months.

AR as a Tool for Learning

Introducing Wonderscope: an augmented reality iOS app for kids

Just as there are different types of learners, the essential skill of reading comes to children in different ways. Wonderscope's voice recognition system is built to understand and nurture confidence in new readers at a wide range of levels, and with different dialects and accents.

The app provides visual and aural feedback by highlighting words, and having characters make eye contact and react expressively back to the user. Clio's Cosmic Quest ends with a fully interactive bonus scene where users explore and learn more about space, planets and solar systems, developing a playful appreciation for STEM.

Pricing and Availability

Wonderscope is the first AR app from Within. It was designed for iOS using Apple's ARKit. It is FREE and currently available on all AR-enabled iOS devices*.

From August 13-August 25, in time for back-to-school, all Wonderscope stories are available for $.99. Stories are regularly priced at $4.99.

Wonderscope is geared for kids 6 years and older, does not require user registration or a credit card and currently holds a 4-star rating from Common Sense Media.

To learn more, visit - www.wonderscope.com

Facebook - www.facebook.com/WonderscopeApp
Twitter - www.twitter.com/WonderscopeApp

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