A Day of Fishing at Brooklyn Bridge Park

By 8/12/2019 07:15:00 PM

When I learned that The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy offered Fishing Clinics as part of its 20th Anniversary of free, public programming, I knew it would be a great family activity for the day!

So we joined a blogging friend and her family in Brooklyn Bridge Park for a day of water fun and summer chill.

Getting to the Fishing Clinics is super easy since it's right on Pier 5. Once there, you check in, learn which time group your in (each fishing group is about 15-30mins) and then get your location number.

Before heading over to your location, groups learn the basics of line fishing from marine biologist and expert anglers. They also demo how to tie fishing knots, bait a hook, cast a fishing rod, and even reel up a fish. While you could keep some of the fish, most fish are catch-and-released.

Since the clinics are produced in part by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, and equipment is provided on-site, once you learn the basics, you can head over to your location and start fishing!

Since we're new to fishing, we received help from one of the "anglers" who walk up and down the pier in case anyone needs assistance. He took my son through the steps, explained a little about sea life under the pier and gave some tips to help us catch a fish.

Sadly during our time there, we didn't catch any fish, but my son still enjoyed the experience of "fishing". Meanwhile I enjoyed just have a moment with him learning something new.

After our fishing time was up, we checked out a few of the fish caught that day by others. There was a shark and another fish I don't remember the name of. Who knew those lived in the water under the pier!

So if your in the Brooklyn Bridge Park area, check out the new Fishing Clinics for kids and adults. The 7-part series will take place at Pier 5’s fishing station from May-September.

To learn more, visit - www.brooklynbridgepark.org

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