6 Ways to Keep a Child’s Birthday Party Fun

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Each year planning a child's birthday party becomes a mission. Who to invite. What party theme to have. Birthday cake, cupcakes or something else?! But planning the party doesn't have to be a daunting task.

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Planning a child's birthday party can be a family fun and bonding moment. To help families with their party planning, I'm sharing these six tips to keep the party fun and engaging all afternoon.

Note: This post was written in partnership with CityHUNT. However any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Think about the Guest List

The guest list is a crucial part of planning a birthday party, especially for a kid. Is there be someone your child must have at his or her party? Is there anyone in their class that he or she doesn’t get along with that should be avoided?

Decide if you’ll invite the entire classroom, only girls or only boys, or keep the party strictly to close friends and family. Either way, you want to ensure that the people are child wants there is

Incorporate Creative Games

Be creative when planning a child’s birthday party. Almost anything can get turned into a fun and exciting game. You don’t have to go overboard. However, you should have a decent list of games and activities to do with the party, just in case they start to get bored.

One game idea worth considering is a scavenger hunt. It’s a great way to keep kids busy for quite a while. Plus, it forces them to use their minds a bit as they solve for clues. You can create a scavenger hunt yourself, or hire companies like CityHUNT to do the work for you.

Have Tasty Snacks Available

The kids will likely get hungry throughout the party, especially if it is scheduled during the lunch or dinner hour. You’ll want to have tasty snacks available at all times. Simple finger food is a good way to go. Remember, it’s a kid’s birthday party, so you don’t need an elaborate three-course dinner.

Keep in mind any food allergies some guests may have. Ask them on the invite to mention any allergies that you should know. That way, when you come up with your food list, you can be mindful to avoid any allergens.

Don’t Forget the Party Favors

For a child’s birthday party, you’ll want to have party favors. They are a way of thanking the guests for coming and bringing presents. Party favors can be just about anything, so get creative with your ideas.

Have a Plan, but Be Flexible

You’ll want to have a plan of how the day should go. However, you’re dealing with kids, which means you’ll need to be somewhat flexible. Don’t create an itinerary that’s set in stone. Instead, leave room for spontaneous events and keep in mind that all activities may not go as planned.

Relax and Enjoy the Party

Even though you’ve planned the party for your child, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, too. Remember to relax throughout the day. A stressed adult will only end up stressing the children and set a bad vibe in the room.

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