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If you're anything like me, then you take a ton of photos when you travel. Doesn't matter if I travel within New York City or to another state, I want to capture a memory of the moment with a photo. If I can take a selfie, even better.

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But taking a selfie isn't always easy. You need to have the right lighting, or angle or sometimes the right camera. Some cameras are better when it comes to taking a selfie, like the Canon IVY CLIQ+ instant print camera - available at Best Buy.

I recently received one for review, so I can test out some of the features that make the Canon IVY CLIQ+ both a good travel camera and great for selfies.

Some of the Canon IVY CLIQ+ features includes

  1. Features a large 2" selfie mirror with an 8 LED ring light for great looking selfies.
  2. Features a memory card slot so you can actually keep digital copies of all the photos you take! (memory card sold separately)
  3. IVY CLIQ+ comes in Pearl White, Ruby Red, Saphhire Blue and Rose Gold
  4. Either choose to print 2x3" peel-and-stick photos direct from the IVY CLIQ+'s camera OR print photos taken from your smartphone via the Canon Mini Print app
  5. When you connect your smartphone to the Canon Mini Print app via Bluetooth you can even use fun AR filters and add effects, frames, text, and stickers to your 2”x3” peel-and-stick photos!

So right away I wanted to try out the 2" selfie mirror. Because come on! Who doesn't want to get that great selfie?! So I took my Canon IVY CLIQ+ with me on a mini trip around NYC.

The first thing I notice is how light and easy to carry the Canon IVY CLIQ+ is. I can easily slip it into my bag or pocket and when I need to take a photo, it comes out, I figure out my angle within the selfie mirror guidelines and "click". So easy!

Since it was bright daytime I didn't need to use the 8 LED ring light, but it's good to know it's there in case I need "extra" lightening. And turning it on is as easy as sliding the button!

Once I took my photo, a few seconds later it prints nice and easy. In full color on ZINK photo paper (ZINK stands for Zero Ink printing technology. Instead of ink, it uses colorful dye-based crystals embedded inside the paper. The ZINK-enabled device uses heat to activate and colorize these crystals.)

The print itself is really good quality. But more cool then that, you can peel and stick the print on different surfaces. Just think how easy you can now make travel books, memory boards or anything else you can stick a photo on.

While getting my photo printed right away is amazing, in case I wanted to save the photos, I could use a memory card (sold separately). I can also edit my photos using the companion app for the camera.

Of course I tried this out and was pleased with the different filters and photo editing features available. There's lots to explore to enhance my travel photos. And again, it's all easy to use.

While I tested out the CLIQ+ instant print camera, for those folks not all about the selfie mirror, Canon also has the Canon IVY CLIQ, which has these features:

  1. Instantly print a 2x3" peel-and-stick photo right after you shoot it, directly from the IVY CLIQ camera. Thanks to the peel & stick back you can place these practically anywhere!
  2. Features a memory card slot so you can actually keep digital copies of all the photos you take! (memory card sold separately)
  3. The IVY has a small selfie mirror for taking perfectly centered group shots.
  4. CLIQ comes in Seaside Blue, Bumble Bee Yellow, Lady Bug Red and Mint Green.

No matter which Canon IVY camera you chose to check out, they both will help you take travel photos in a new and exciting way. And yes any travel selfies. LOL

To learn more about the Canon IVY instant print camera, visit your local Best Buy retailer or online:

Cannon IVY CLIQ Instant Print Camera:
Cannon IVY CLIQ+ Instant Print Camera:

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