Enjoying Virtual Reality Family Gaming at Paley Center

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For families who like to game together, you'll LOVE The Paley Center newest, PaleyGX: Your Ultimate Gaming Experience, a free program for families and gamers with the newest video games.

Note: I was invited as media to this event. However, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

The PaleyGX Gaming Experince will include NBA 2K18, Fortnite, Minecraft, Mario Tennis Aces, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, LEGO Marvel SuperHeroes 2, Rocket League as well as virtual reality experiences including Beat Saber, Moss, Echo Arena, and Jurassic World: Blue.

We were invited to the launch event, so we had a chance to see and play with the new games. Let me tell you it was awesome!

The first game we sat down with was Marvel’s Spider-Man in the PS4 area. My son was able to sit back in a plush comfy chair, put on headphones and become the web-slinger. The game is pretty cool to play. I'll have to get it at some point.

The next game we chose was Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I decided to join in the fun, thinking I can keep up with my son in this game. Needless to say he won. But it's okay. We had fun playing together.

My son continued with Mario Tennis Aces. It was fun to watch him figure out how to play tennis. He learned quickly and served up some hits. But eventually the game got better and he lost his round.

We then decided it was time for some virtual gaming. We've played virtually before and really like it. The first game my son tried was Jurassic World: Blue.

It was all fun being with Blue until the volcano erupted and a T-Rex came over to fight. I think that was a bit to real for my son, who turned around looking for me to help him get away. I'm sorry but I laughed a bit.

We moved him to the less scary game, Beat Saber. Here my son combined his light saber moves to hit obstacles in time with music. He had a great time playing.

While I did also try some virtual gaming, I did terrible in Echo Arena, so no photos need of that. While it does look like an exciting, I need more time to get use to moving virtual with no gravity.

We ended our time with a little fun gaming trivia. Needless to say my son knew nothing about gaming history so it was nice to remember (me) and discover (him) gaming fun facts via the Paley Gaming Trivia Challenge.

While these are just a few games we played, there's LOTS more games for families to enjoy playing together. Or apart. You get to choose how to enjoy your gaming fun.

The PaleyGX: Your Ultimate Gaming Experience, is immersive and features the hottest video-games geared toward all age levels, for both casual players and avid gamers, across multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, high-performance PC gaming,and cutting-edge Oculus virtual reality.

Visitors to Paley GX can play today’s most popular games in four areas within the Paley Center including on the big screen in the 200-seat Bennack Theater (when available).

When you arrive, go to the front desk for your tickets. Then you will be greeted by a Paley Gaming Xpert to get you set up.

  • Visitors can reserve up to (4) Gaming Zones per day, with a limit of only (1) 25-minute timeslot in each Zone.
  • If there are empty timeslots, gamers may be permitted to play for longer at the PGXpert's discretion.
  • You may only play on the console that you have reserved. Please speak to a PGXpert.

Future PaleyGX events will include a MINECON Earth Day Party on September 29, tournaments, previews events for new game releases, and discussions with the most influential names in gaming today.

Paley Members have the opportunity to reserve gaming time slots ahead of the public.

To learn more, visit www.paleycenter.org

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