Interview with Rev Run & Vanessa Simmons about Diabetes Risk Assessment

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I recently interviewed hip hop legend Rev Run and his daughter, new mom Vanessa Simmons, about their partnership with Novo Nordisk and its Ask.Screen.Know. campaign.

Both Rev Run and Vanessa Simmons felt it was important to spread the message of knowing your diabetes risk for both men and women, especially women planning to get pregnant.

Interview with Rev Run and Vanessa Simmons about Diabetes Risk Assessment

Note: I was invited as media to interview. No other compensation was received. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Did you know that some women who are diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy already had type 2 diabetes before the baby was conceived. If left untreated, diabetes can affect a mother’s whole body, including her unborn baby, and can lead to a host of complications.

That is why Rev Run and Vanessa Simmons, are spreading awareness about the Ask.Screen.Know. campaign and website.

You can learn more by watching my interview with Rev Run and Vanessa Simmons below

Rev Run is passionate that more people get to know their diabetes risk because he is at-risk, and has since made health a priority for his entire family. Because of his continued involvement in Ask.Screen.Know., his daughter Vanessa learned how important it is to be screened for diabetes. Vanessa is encouraging women thinking of having a baby to take the Diabetes Risk Factor Assessment and learn their risk factors of type 2 diabetes before becoming pregnant at

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  1. Thanks for posting this! Gestational diabetes can be difficult to manage along with all of the other stresses of pregnancy. It's nice to see Rev Run and Vanessa educating women on diabetes.