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I attended an event hosted by Safilo to learn about their KIDS BY SAFILO collection: for 0-8 year old's, designed with a medical-scientific approach and engineered with advanced technologies and materials, specifically that is child friendly.

Kids by Safilo Eyewear Collection - Mommy Factor

Note: I was invited as media to this event and received a gift card to cover travel expenses. However, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

KIDS BY SAFILO optical frames are created to respond to children’s unmet needs. A blend of innovation and comfort, the new eyewear collection matches children’s requirements and their parents’ expectations.

Kids by Safilo Eyewear Collection - Mommy Factor

Features include:
  • SAFETY: frames are flexible, safe, and free from sharp surfaces and edges.
  • COMFORT and FITTING: frames are lightweight and stable, thanks to the presence of a lower bridge and to the special design of the temples with a horizontal bend.  Moreover, thanks to the enhanced design of the front, the lenses cover the children’s entire field of vision, ensuring effective correction.
  • RESISTANCE: frames are made with flexible, stable and washable materials to prevent them from becoming deformed or weakened.
  • AESTHETICS: frames are discreet on the child’s face, almost invisible, especially for the youngest ones.

Kids by Safilo Eyewear Collection - Mommy Factorphoto credit: Laura Cohen Photography

During the event we heard from a panel including Dr. Andrea Thau, President Elect of the American Optometric Association; Dr. Ken Nischal, Director, Pediatric Ophthalmology; Bruce Abramson, Director of Safilo NA Brand Management.

It was shared that parents take care of kids teeth with visits to the dentist more then their kids eye care with a visit to a professional eye doctor. But vision is just, if not more important. As much as 1 in 4 kids have vision problems.

Since most insurance covers eye exams for children, parents don't have to worry about the cost factor. While simple eye exams in schools and pediatrics offices might seem like enough, its better and so important to have get a full eye examination from a professional ophthalmologist or optometrist at a hospital or eye center.

Kids by Safilo Eyewear Collection - Mommy Factor
The panel also shared what makes the KIDS BY SAFILO collection different then other kids eyewear brands

  • INNOVATIVE “MADE-IN-ITALY” CONSTRUCTION. The KIDS BY SAFILO optical frames are “100% made in Italy” and developed in light, safe and bio-based materials: soft rubber moulded over the internal temple and bridge, as well as high-performance polymers for the front and temples. These bio-compatible, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and washable materials guarantee the safety of the product.
  • A SUBTLE COLOR APPROACH. The collection is based on a dedicated color approach featuring a transparent front which harmonizes with the child's face and allows parents to see their children in all their beauty.
  • CHILDREN’S UNMET NEEDS. The design of KIDS BY SAFILO eyewear was guided by a clear understanding of children's unmet needs. As a matter of fact, we found that on a global scale one in every six children has visual defects, and that approximately 15% of those refractive errors which require prompt correction. For this reason, Safilo decided to develop a unique collection designed to respond to the complex demands of children's eyewear, thereby improving children's quality of vision and their healthy development.

So if you need glasses for your child, then learn more about the KIDS BY SAFILO collection. They have lots to offer.

The KIDS BY SAFILO eyewear collection is produced and distributed by Safilo Group, retails for $98.00-$120.00 and is available at select high end optical retailers nationwide.

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