Learning About Skin Care at Duane Reade LOOK Boutique

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Tonight I headed to the Duane Reade 40 Wall Street to receive a Mini Makeover at the Nail Bar and Hair Salon inside the LOOK Boutique.

Duane Reade LOOK boutique

Please Note: As a Duane Reade VIP Blogger #DReadeVIP I received a gift card for my time and travel. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

As the Duane Reade blogger program kicks into gear I needed to get glamored up for my "official" Duane Reade VIP blogger photo that's going to be used during this year. I would freak out if I had to spent the year with a DMV type of photo for this program!

Duane Reade LOOK boutiqueDuane Reade LOOK boutiqueDuane Reade LOOK boutiqueDuane Reade LOOK boutique

Also getting glamored up were the other Duane Reade VIP bloggers in the program. While some enjoyed snacking on sandwiches, sushi and other goodies, others received mini makeup touch ups, hair blow outs and styling or manicures.

Duane Reade LOOK boutique

While it's great that you can enjoy all these different services and get beautiful at Duane Reade, I was excited to learn they also offered services to help you learn about healthy skin care. While at the event I tried out the skin analysis service to see what the condition of my skin is and more important how I can protect it from now on.

Duane Reade LOOK boutique

The first thing my skin coach did was a moisture checker to see where the dry areas on my skin where. The good news. My skin was mostly moisturized and hydrated well. The bad news. I need to drink more water to help the areas where I felt most dryness and tight.

Duane Reade LOOK boutiqueDuane Reade LOOK boutique

Then she took an deep look at my skin to check for clogged pores and sun damage. She found both. Urgh! While the sun damage wasn't very major it was still something to start managing now.

Duane Reade LOOK boutiqueDuane Reade LOOK boutique

She recommended some products from the Vichy line found in Duane Reade stores that have a reasonable price. I was shown products for day use with SPF protection and products for night time use.

Duane Reade LOOK boutique

And products to help with sun damage and even out my skin tone.

My skin coach explained to my why they worked, when to and how to use and then applied to my skin so I can feel the effects.

After that skin analysis and consultation I really felt I learned a lot about the current state of my skin, skin care products that work with my lifestyle and how to best care and protect for my skin going forward.

Who knew you could get ALL these great services at the Duane Reade LOOK boutique. Next time your near 40 Wall street stop in and enjoy some of the beauty experience that Duane Reade location has to offer.

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  1. So cool that you got a skin analysis and consultation...what a great event and you're going to make a great VIP blogger for DR!

  2. Wow, how cool! I wish we had Duane Reade stores in my state.