Kinect Xbox Pixar PlayDate at J&R Jr #XboxPixarPlaydate

By 4/12/2012 06:17:00 AM

This week my son has been out of "school" for Spring break. I've been busy looking for ways to have fun with him as a family. When I received an offer from Xbox360 to To host a Pixar Playdate, I thought what a perfect idea! My family LOVES our Kinect for Xbox 360!

So I'm hosting a #XboxPixarPlaydate at the J&R Jr Store and YOU ARE INVITED.

If your family loves playing games, or you want to learn more about gaming as a family, then join us for a Pixar Play Date hosted by J&R Jr., The Mommy Factor and Kinect for Xbox 360!


We’ll have the new game “Kinect Rush: A Disney·Pixar Adventure” ready for playing and a variety of Pixar prizes and food for everyone!

Game giveaways include:

  • Kinect Rush
  • Kinect: Disneyland Adventures
  • Kinectimals Now with Bears

Date: Thursday, April 12

Time: 5:30 - 7:30pm

Location: J&R Jr., 1 Ann Street, 2nd floor, NY NY 10038

If you'd like to tweet with us, follow us on twitter @MommyFactor and @JandRJr and use the hashtag #XboxPixarPlaydate

Hope to see you tonight at the party or online!

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  1. This sounds like a playdate I wouldn't want to miss! I hope you ahve a great turnout :)

  2. Neat! I'd like to attend this event. *smiles*

  3. Thank you to those who attended my #XboxPixarPlaydate