Niecy Nash & Samsung Home Appliances Solve the Chore Debate

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Niecy Nash has teamed up with Samsung Home Appliances to help solve the latest "He Said, She Said" debate around household chores.

Note: I was invited as media to this event. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

I attended a media event where Niecy shared insights and tips for identifying a family’s chore style and how to work better together.

Niecy, host of the Style Network’s Clean House, has seen it all - tackling clutter and household cleaning disputes in all forms.

"When it comes to having a balanced household where everyone chips in on everyday tasks, the key is to understand your partner’s chore style," states Niecy Nash.

Niecy defines four chore styles:
  • Weekend Warrior – This family is limited on time and typically does the majority of their chores on Saturday or Sunday. Nash Weekend Warrior tip: Add thirty minutes to just two or three days during the week to free up your weekend time
  • Solo Flyer – This family has one person who likes to take charge of all the chores because they want everything done their way! Nash Solo Flyer tip: Create a "chore chart" that includs tasks, frequency and the person responsible. Build in a reward for everyone for end of the week.
  • Chore-Crastinator – This family puts off chores to the very last minute. Nash Chore-Crastinators tip: Start small. Identify the three must-do items each week. Pick a different day to handle each and work together to make sure it gets done.
  • Little-by-Littlers – One chore at a time. This family always gets the job done in a systematic fashion working together a little each day. Nash The Little by Littlers Tip: By cleaning as you go during dinner time preparations, you can alleviate the clean up time that is anticipated after meals.

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At the event I also learned more about Samsung Home Appliances. Each product is designed to make your life as a family a little easier without sacrificing style. Samsung Home Appliances have the latest technology but remain functional. Some of the products I learned about are

French Door Refrigerator

  • Won’t take up more space in your kitchen. More usable space inside for easier storage and organization. Shelves are movable.
  • EZ-Open Handle and middle compartment is at a kid-friendly height. Makes it easy for children to find their favorite snacks.
  • Twin Cooling System controls and generates cooling air for the refrigerator and freezer separately. Airflow between the two stays separate so the freezer air stays drier, while the refrigerator's moisture level resulting in fruits and veggies staying fresher, longer.
Washer and Dryer
  • Child Lock Safety feature prevents children from using. When Child Lock is on, buttons don't respond
  • Extra-large capacity front-load helps you finish up your family’s laundry faster by allowing you to do fewer loads
  • Steam clean helps power out stubborn stains like ketchup, grape juice, grease and grass without pre-treatment, extending the life of your clothes.
  • Vibration Reduction Technology allows installation on second floors or near bedrooms. Provides smooth operation at spin speeds, significantly reducing vibration and noise while improving handling of unbalanced loads.
  • Unique ActivFresh™ technology uses silver ions to sanitize clothes in cold water without bleach. Silver ions remove 99% of odor-causing bacteria for up to 30 days. It's ideal for delicates, colors and special-care items.
Induction Range

  • Induction element boils water faster than gas or electric. Also more efficient than radiant and gas ranges. SelectTouch allows easy and precise control of cooking power just like a gas range.
  • Induction uses magnetism to heat cookware directly so the cook top stays cooler than gas or radiant electric cook tops. Only the cookware is heated, so the cook top, your kitchen, and you stay cooler.
  • The built-in warming drawer has three convenient settings to keep food at the right temperature and preserve moistness and flavor. Handy multi rack offers seven different, adjustable levels for platters and pans of all sizes.

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